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30-day (monthly) SMA power and sensitivity

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f cashback forexexrebatecommission fxrebatecentral rebatesforexbroker the global currency market all currency pairs of the medium-term lifeline, whenever a round of medium-term decline or rise in the end of the market, bestforexrebatecompany short-term K-line upward best forex rebate company 30-day SMA suppression or resistance, there is often a round of medium-term reversal of the market for the exchange rate, the 30-day SMA is to determine the direction of market capital, the size of the force, the main capital is absorbing or shipping As well as the future trend of the most important criteria for changes in strength and weakness This is because the 30-day SMA has a very strong trend and sensitivity, whether it is an uptrend or downtrend once it is changed (inverted through), the reversal occurs immediately Therefore, the price of the big drop or uptrend is generated and established in the exchange rate up (down) after the breakthrough of the 30-day SMA, but the exchange rate up (down) breakthrough of the 30-day SMA must be determined when there is a rapid break away from the momentum (about 50 points), otherwise the reliability is reduced sometimes the exchange rate upward breakthrough (downward) after the 30-day SMA and back to confirm, which is normal, but should not close again within the 30-day SMA, which is very similar to the stock graph this confirmation process often becomes our stop loss out and continue to do short (more) the best time to buy and either buy on the day of the breakthrough or in the next day Buy when the drawback, in case of buy (do) reverse, that is, the exchange rate appears to return to the 30-day SMA within the running trend, should immediately stop loss out We can regard this breakthrough as a false breakthrough because it is false, the previous breakthrough is likely to be only a mid-trend intermediate reversal, the real (original) trend has not yet ended Compared with the breakthrough of the 30-day SMA, the 100-day SMA is even more remarkable However, the breakthrough of the 100-day SMA Pressure (resistance) and breakthrough before the shock prepared, as well as data and news on the breakthrough of the cooperation, breakthrough after the breakthrough can go far, combination breakthrough or individual breakthrough (now the euro did not break through, while the pound broke through a long time ago), especially the contradiction of different levels of averages, etc. There are many issues worth studying
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