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A letter to a female trader! (serial five)

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Last time bestforexrebatecompany gave you a po cashback forext of view, you have to learn to use the thinking of yin forexrebatecommission yang five elements to look at the rebatesforexbroker th best forex rebate company is fxrebatecentral metaphysics, no experience in Chinese medicine is very difficult to agree with this point of view but before talking about the market I should give you a heavier thing that is stop loss some people do not stop loss is compared to running a red light, you may run a red light for life without incident, there may be only once to run a life this metaphor The first thing you need to do is to take a look at the market. I have a very good trading habits is very little resistance single, in 2008 when I met a stockholder who from the market 6000 points to more than 1600 points do not know how many times copied the bottom overall speaking he did not make money, but also did not lose money, because he cut every position are very determined this is still a relatively large impact on me, so I understand that living is the most important thing many times the greatest sadness is that the market really came out of the market belongs to I have also experienced this affliction, of course, not because of no stop-loss, but excessive stop-loss, excessive stop-loss is also able to kill people this issue I will also give you later to explore the previously said, our cognitive ability is very limited which means that the vast majority of our cases are making mistakes in the face of the market, our only choice is to honestly admit the cost of making a mistake It is our loss people want to hold the sand in their hands because you came to this market is to seek victory unfortunately seeking victory is a very low realm, at least much lower than the realm of seeking defeat see through is very important, see through in order to resign to fate, resign to fate in order to accept peace of mind in the mountains when discussing with the teacher these big tigers that were knocked off, and asked him to teach him the mystery of immortality he gave me a saying "The cost of being a good person is the lowest" in this market we must learn to be a good person stop-loss principle to be divided into three kinds of the first theoretical basis is the theory of falsification, which is the philosopher Karl Poppers doctrine Karl Popper is Soross spiritual mentor this doctrine in simple terms, that is, in the proven to be For example, a market after a long shock finally broke upward, I followed up a single single this time I assume he will appear a level trend, so I set a stop loss waiting for the market growth and this stop is my mistake point if he broke through my stop loss then the market is proven wrong, I out if the market did not break through my stop loss, then my assumption is right. If the market does not break my stop loss, then my assumption is right, and hold until the next mistake point appears This stop-loss method is more suitable for medium and long term trend trading system as a trend follower, in addition to waiting patiently, there is no other better way especially after the spring dialed the seeds do not assume that winter will come immediately to wait patiently and firmly believe that the first must come summer second I call the law of ghosts, "The Ghost of Wall Street" in the book The Ghost of Wall Street" book has a point of view "I entered the wrong, in a certain period of time if the market can not prove that I am right, then I am really wrong" of course, this is not the original words, but I think the translator should not be a trader, if I let me translate, I think this translation can not be better than the Christianity says that all people are born with sin, Buddhism says that all people are born with sin. Sinful, Buddhism said that life is born is the ghost of suffering said an entry is wrong such as the market is oscillating, according to my experience I think he is bound to break through within three days, then I more single entry set an original stop loss this time I no longer wait patiently, I only give the market three days of time if three days have passed, and the market still does not break through, then I will stop loss out of the game whether he reached my original stop loss ghost The law of falsification and the law of ghosts have no advantages or disadvantages traders to decide their own stop-loss law according to their character, execution, knowledge of the market falsification it is like pursuing a girl you like, to show enough love and patience before success, we must know the purpose of this trip is to stay with her for a long time the law of ghosts is more like picking up girls, not for a long time only to mention the Pants on the go not to consume too much energy in a girl, which requires a lot of experience to judge the success rate of the shot, three rounds down must know whether you can take down the third law it to be simpler is when you feel uncomfortable to leave the market this law to your comfort level as the only criterion I think this is the highest level of stop-loss when you have been through a hundred battles, the inner spirit, no desire no demand no Nowadays, trading systems often have assumptions such as how many consecutive mistakes will be made, what is the maximum retracement I can tolerate, and then calculate the stop-loss amount for each one of them, which is like the indicators of Western medicine that seem reasonable, but in fact are often ridiculous. If you have to give him to lower the blood pressure, blood pressure is lowered to 130, others may have to faint of course, this approach to your personal training requirements are very high, not let you now with the feeling to stop loss above it is the law of stop loss law is often a few words can be clear, but really want to implement that can be too different hear the Tao is easy to prove the Tao is difficult, so "Laozi" only said "more than the number of poor than to keep in" on the implementation of the words may be 100,000 words can not be clear, practice can only rely on yourself, this is no one can help later I will give you more to talk about, but only about the tenth: first to know yourself last time it gave you three stop-loss laws, you have to choose the most suitable for their own situation That one since it is based on their own situation, that a prerequisite is that you should know enough about yourself you may learn a lot of things, but unfortunately to learn to understand themselves is often the most difficult look in the mirror, seems to be close at hand is actually a million miles away ah Nei Jing said "calm emptiness, the real gas from the; spirit within the guard, the disease is safe from" to understand themselves It is a process of cultivation, not only to be calm and empty, but also to keep the spirit within the delusion of the mind is bound to cause the delusion of the body "calm" "Shuowen" is said to be "safe, from the heart" means quiet "light "The left side is water and the right side is two fire, there is a taste of thin meaning, more water and fire both the meaning is the heart and kidney intercourse, so that the desire and material to achieve the best state of essence is your kidney essence, God is your heart and mind can not move the heart and mind, do not delude the kidney essence this is the state of cultivation know yourself is a process of cultivation you are not the physical you, you exist in the deepest part of your heart, you have to deep into the hinterland to explore him and his dialogue, learn to listen and so you come back after you are the real you, body and soul unity of you now most people are split people body in the present, the heart is far away, the spirit is in another country only a stinking skin wandering here, and how will not empty and lonely ah traders greatest sorrow is to take the energy that would have to cognize themselves to cognize the market many people have studied the market all their lives seems to be on the The market has been exhausted, but the truth is that they know nothing about themselves I hope you want to know yourself first, because later you will learn to trade system in this world the only profitable system is to allow you to unite the sword system this system is only a chain is you, one is the market alone to understand the market is far from enough, but also to understand your own knowledge of the time, you only need a very simple system you can and the market Many people do not know the market and do not know themselves, and finally can only use a more complex system in the hope of connecting each other do not know that the more complex the system, the more you will isolate the distance between you and the market once met a friend, more than ten years of stock age, is my mouth of the technical fanaticism of this gentleman every day to study a variety of graphs and various indicators, each time after improving the indicators will be ecstatic, feeling that has found the Holy Grail of the market The next day, he asked me what is the trick to profitability I said "the unity of heaven and man" and he said "thats a good pretence" I said "the unity of man and the market ", he did not think of course I did not explain to him more, he such people earn money may live more miserable people have a bad problem, always like to the market or to others to find the answer often asked me, stop loss should be put how much is reasonable, how many times a day to trade is reasonable, the maximum retracement control in how much is reasonable I often answer is suitable for your own is the most reasonable Unfortunately, many people listened to the very disdain for my incomparable sadness all the answers are in this heart between the square inch, all the problems have to go inside first rather than outside seeking before you said personality independence is the real independence, especially important in this market many people have a misunderstanding, the trading system as the whole trading trading system is only a bridge, he is responsible for communicating your ideas and the markets ideas some people Some people write a set of procedures and then do tests in the past market, the results can be profitable, and then think that can be, but unfortunately the vast majority of the final or can not trade the most difficult is not to know the market, but to know themselves many things are an extension of their "one mind" to some extent the market is also your " You have to learn to see yourself in this market you "one mind" clear, the market is also clear you "one mind" chaos, the market is also chaos never reverse the direction of all the reincarnation is from All reincarnations are derived from "ignorance", you understand yourself can find the most suitable stop-loss methods, trading systems, and even life methods you will be very easy to trade up relaxed is a very important element, I will give you a good talk later to know yourself or start with your own body when you trade must be careful to experience the changes in the body such as heart rate changes, blood pressure changes idle Changes in blood pressure changes idle more feel the pulse, sometimes a single do in, the pulse of the lower jiao immediately no root, the pulse of the inch mouth instead of the very tight and the depth of your breathing, each breath should be able to reach the Dantian is a very convenient way to start from the concern about the changes in the body secondly, also pay attention to observe their mental state when trading is not excessive excitement, failure is not excessive loss The process of dialogue with themselves, in harmony with their own words do not take my words as a whisper many traders finally did not make money even if the results of the schizophrenia, some people even if the money finally became half crazy my own has made such a mistake, but also once with the death of the shoulder so I must not let you make the same mistake again The same mistake was made, the purpose of trading is to make life better, always do not forget this often let yourself stay alone is also very good to know yourself, of course, loneliness and loneliness is a completely different concept, only strong people can enjoy loneliness, not strong people inside, even if more people on his side, he will only feel endless loneliness in addition to the best a The calligraphy is really a good method, different state of mind to write the word is completely different from the heart, writing can really have a good dialogue with yourself, of course, to know yourself can also be through the philosophical approach, but also through the religious approach Soros is a very great philosopher there is a book called "my days with Soros" or very worth reading I I even think this is the best introduction to Soross book, although the book did not explore his profits, but close to his heart many people to study Soross trading, but few people to study his ideas in addition, you should be able to find other methods I can only lead you into the door, the practice can only rely on your own
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