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A painful lesson! Foreign exchange expert about the growth process of 6 times the real experience of position explosion

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preface dare fxrebatecentral say they are bestforexrebatecompany cashback forex gods, but they have done more than 10 years of stocks, rebatesforexbroker 7 years of foreign exchange, also considered the foreign exchange market veteran, veteran oil also has a horse lost before the painful experience of position explosion understand my people do not need to explain, do not understand my people do not need to explain remember the coldest day seven years ago, the winter solstice of 2011, in the stock very best forex rebate company was very pleased with myself, I happened to hear on the Internet the way to invest in foreign exchange Th forexrebatecommission time there are not many people doing foreign exchange with the limited knowledge of foreign exchange network search, I tried to open a foreign exchange demo account, began the earliest groping for foreign exchange knowledge, due to caution and fear of unfamiliar foreign exchange, has prepared a dual currency credit card I did not dare to inject funds for quite a long period of time during which I also continued to use the residual funds in Shanghai and Shenzhen stock markets for speculation, but the Securities and Exchange Commissions new policy of limited up and unlimited down, so my heart fire, I said, big deal, the big deal is to burst the position, they have a serious job this money is not hurt, and then again, I have not been foreign exchange burst position, always feel that this life experience is not comprehensive ah, so burst the day finally came in the extreme anxiety and fear, I do not want to stare at the plate every day, the cold reality tormented me fragile soul, I spent days like years, unable to extricate myself, day by day, I am more self-absorbed, but in the depths of my heart I still firmly believe that I will have a turnaround day, I will achieve their dreams, although I am not very clear what exactly is the opportunity, what career, in deep torment I lasted until the end of one day in the middle of the night, nightmares I once again woke up, tossing and turning, unable to sleep, simply get up and put on After the never-ending encounter with A-shares, I began another bitter experience. This night, I made more than $20 as a swing, but soon blew up the next day. I used my salary to pay off part of the credit card loan, and borrowed 500 yuan from a friend, after obtaining a new credit line, I injected another $ 250, and started the second foreign exchange trading fact is, only a day or two, and then blew up again after waiting for a month, with the salary to pay off the loan this time, injected a little more, is 300 U.S. dollars, and soon earned more than 100 U.S. dollars, the margin became 400 more, but because of the extra hand, and can not afford to cut the position, less than three days, and then burst the fourth injection with the maximum amount of $ 273, sack, and is soon burst so pay back the credit card loan with wages, credit line injection margin foreign exchange, four consecutive months of anxious waiting, four consecutive burst in our backward economy, people think old-fashioned second and third-tier cities, my salary is very low, far from meeting the needs of life, which is the fundamental reason why I have no choice but to enter the securities market, foreign exchange market, but the huge losses, so that I carry a heavy economic burden of interest on foreign currency overdrafts, building loans, property costs, water and electricity bills are unable to cope with the huge pressure incurred, the days of these months is really intestines a day and nine returns, living is suddenly if there is a death, out is not known Every time I think about the shame of what they are going to do, I cant help but sweat and dip my back in my clothes. But what about me? In this situation of running out of food how to do? In the anxiety I came up with a way to apply for a credit card again, the cycle of use although I know that this is very dangerous, is tantamount to quenching thirst, but I have no other way! After submitting applications to two banks and waiting for over a month, one finally went through, but the other didnt because I had a mortgage problem with that bank Fortunately, there was a savior after all! After quickly opening the credit card, listening to the customer service said that it can not be used for foreign site shopping, I suddenly fell into the ice, sitting on the chair if so, then you can not use it to fund the foreign exchange account, then what do I want it! I sat there for a long time, I thought maybe not so call customer service again, this time not so sure, let me try to try also, I tried, through this new card limit is larger, I used 500 U.S. dollars the first few times because the margin is too small, only to be a total loss, this time 2 times the margin, it will not repeat the mistake because the margin doubled, plus the lessons learned from the previous times, this time the transaction Lasted a little longer, but because of the failure to strictly control the position and timely stop loss, more than a month later, again, my poor fifth foreign exchange margin trading! Weekdays around those who talk eloquently, claiming to be a good mindset of peoples words and actions flowing timid and panic, reminding me of Mr. Warwick, feel funny and then is disgusted with the state of the world is largely so! I more firmly my belief - only foreign exchange margin can help me get out of poverty, away from those despicable people, to achieve my life dream is another months of long suffering! Fortunately, the Bank of China said that we are a disaster area, can be three months before repayment, so I have a little breathing time finally, in the knowledge that the salary to a night, I again apprehensively began a new transaction this time the amount of injection is 312 U.S. dollars, this day, is 9/11 of course, this time to do very cautious very careful between 105-107 repeatedly long USD / JPA first week, profit More than 200, the second week is more than 200, the third week more than 100, I think more effort, you can pay off the credit card debt However, the successive profits, let me relax my vigilance, coupled with a lack of awareness of the serious consequences of the financial crisis affecting the currency market, the first working day after the eleventh early morning, in the 105.20 near to do more than the U.S. Japanese set, I used the margin of more than 900, plus 2 lots, & nbsp; October 6, 2011 night, the sixth time the position exploded! This time the loss of unprecedented, so that I am completely powerless to clean up the wreckage of the lonely, helpless, hatred, regret, depression and sadness overflowed my mind, God does not help me, and why so merciless? Is it that I chose this road, the wrong choice, it simply does not go? Or was I originally not suitable to take this road? I began to ask myself since I entered the currency market, I never doubted, but I did not expect to lose so badly! No, its not that this road is not feasible, its that I didnt walk well I think, if I dont enter the stock market, the foreign exchange market, it will not increase so much debt out of thin air, wont have those heartfelt pain, also wont have such a painful lesson, but, even if I didnt enter the high-risk capital speculation field, I wont rest on my laurels, day after day, year after year, and all the helplessness to face that makes me deeply ashamed of the profession I would not have settled for the status quo, day after day, year after year, while facing a career that I am ashamed of, and ending up in mediocrity! What a shame, 18 years old to join the work, work for a full 18 years, but never a month of salary surplus, never earn enough money to spend the feeling! And never thought that this profession will make me rich, proud of this profession! Although people do not live only for money, but, life is 70 years old, I am half past, but still so stuck, and tolerate the meticulous, and what to give to support the yellow mouth of a child and the old mother? Woo-hoo! After a number of blowout experience, I think I can no longer trade like this, so even if there are more funds will certainly end up with a blowout, I decided to go from the past transactions to sum up the experience and find the reasons for my repeated blowouts in the next three months, I bought a lot of books on foreign exchange trading, but also on the Internet to buy a lot of information and tutorials on foreign exchange trading. It took me more than three months to finish watching eight books and 1000GB of video tutorials Through this crazy learning, I really found the reason for my blowout, I used to think I had a very comprehensive knowledge of foreign exchange, so I have been operating according to my own ideas and thoughts, but through this complete learning let me thoroughly realize that I was just a more than just beginner The funny thing is that I have been treating myself as a very powerful person, thinking that I know a lot and feel that my trading strategy is flawless every time, but through this systematic study let me completely understand the saying that the sea of learning is boundless, the sea of suffering is boundless, and now I want to slap myself a few times when I think about it, I have been thinking that I can only be considered A rookie, and those lecturers compared to the teacher is simply a rabble ....... But fortunately, through that study let me really know myself, know the foreign exchange, from then on I began to light trading, slowly the book and tutorial knowledge to the actual operation, while testing while summing up so persist for half a year, so I really began from the burst position to can be held until now can be stable profit which should be life, if not so many times before the burst position I would not have made up my mind to learn the system once, let alone let me realize so many problems now although I have bought a car in Shanghai, bought a house, is also considered a small success in the foreign exchange market, but whenever I think of the previous speculative career, the nose will always be a burst of acid ...... Now I do not know whether to thank myself or to thank those books and those tutorials, anyway, no matter what, if at that time they did not make up their minds to learn systematically once, certainly will not have todays me ....... Well, not much to say, here today with their own light experience, to encourage those who may now be in the loss stage, and those who want to do foreign exchange, but in hesitation afraid to do friends, no matter how many brilliant performance you have before, must not overestimate their own ability to go to the system to learn about foreign exchange trading is certainly not.
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