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Bollinger Bands four states and stop-loss techniques

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fxrebatecentral B rebatesforexbrokers cashback forexdicator bestforexrebatecompany very simple, is three lines but simple three lines but can clearly show the current state of the best forex rebate company, is up or down, is about to enter the shock or the market is coming, can give us an intuitive feeling in the specific to each operation, also has the advantage of when to hold the single, when the stop loss out of the field, when the Bollinger forexrebatecommission is easy to learn but difficult to fine, a bit like Taijiquan Bollinger Bands principle first a brief introduction to the composition of the Bollinger Bands, Bollinger Bands consists of upper and lower rails and rails, the rail is a simple moving average, generally choose 20 periods, the upper and lower rails through the rail plus or minus 2 times the standard deviation of the four states of the Bollinger Bands and its state conversion Bollinger Bands rail has a direction, the upper and lower rails also have According to the Bollinger Bands three track direction, the performance of the four different states that: open, close, three tracks with the direction and flat we always love to use the trend and oscillation to describe the current state of the market, if the state of the Bollinger Bands to depict the current market, close and flat can be attributed to the oscillation market, open and three tracks with the direction can be attributed to the trend market market is always running around the four states repeatedly, if we If we can gain insight into the four states of the law of transition, we can predict the next step in the market The following is a brief introduction to the four states of the law of transition between the market is always up and down, when the Bollinger Bands open, the market always has to correct the finishing, which is the closure of the three tracks with the flat and how to interpret it, or how it is formed? The secret lies in the rail when the Bollinger Bands close, the rail if you can provide support or resistance, the market continues to run if the rail can not be effective support resistance, then the price will be around the rail to start the oscillation, continue to close, until the flat figure out the Bollinger Bands four states between the conversion relationship and the articulation relationship, the market forecast and specific transactions are not without benefit, the wine field method of warfare mentioned in the four tactical guidance principle in the four states of the Bollinger Bands can be described as the perfect embodiment of familiar with the Sakata method of warfare friends know four classic words fast as the wind (timely stop loss in response to false open), Xu as Lin (in the closing phase of high throw low suction), swept as fire (holding, three tracks in the same direction), not moving as a mountain (flat, especially the range is too narrow, pay attention to the effective breakthrough that is waiting for the effective opening) opening and stop-loss techniques opening represents the market Rapidly unfold, although investors are averse to oscillating market, prefer trend market, but the market often comes very abruptly, to be found after the confirmation and then enter, because the stop loss is too large does not meet the profit and loss ratio, it is difficult to decide whether to chase more or chase short However, in understanding the Bollinger Bands opening principle, just located in the rail slightly above, because once the gold price drawback breakthrough in the middle of the rail, you can confirm that the wave is false, the earlier the exit The better the closing and stop-loss techniques when the Bollinger Bands indicator into the closing phase, the previous market trend temporarily come to an end, the market will enter a reversal phase or temporary pullback, if you have a composite position, it is recommended to close half of the position if the market breaks through the rail again, the transfer of all positions for good Bollinger Bands into the closing phase, the market will generally fall into a shock finishing, the market fluctuations are not large, with a short range operation, stop loss Set in the visible highest and lowest point on the bottom of the closing stage is a good opportunity for high throw low suction range operation three rails with the mouth and stop-loss techniques after the closure, the rail if it can become effective support resistance, there will be three rails with the state three rails with the market is extremely strong and stable performance, but also the most test of investor patience when this situation is also the Sakata method of warfare in the plunder as fire, firmly hold a profitable position In the case of the Bollinger Bands, the mid-rail becomes a good point to increase positions, but also become a reference point for profitability to mention the stop loss until the fall below the Bollinger Bands flattening and stop-loss techniques when the market is caught in a shock consolidation, especially narrow shock consolidation, the Bollinger Bands flattening is the most beautiful Bollinger Bands but the most difficult to grasp the market, because the risk of opening the Bollinger Bands at any time in accordance with the tactical guidance of the Sakuda method of warfare or to not move like a mountain, wait and see is good, however If this happens early, you can carry out some scalp operations, the stop loss is set more relaxed formal operation or should be patient and wait for the direction of the Bollinger Bands opening
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