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Can you trade Forex for a living

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First: are you cashback forex willing to bet your whole life, time, energy best forex rebate company w forexrebatecommissiondom, all in a speculative career fxrebatecentral could make you a flop? bestforexrebatecompanySecond: Can you really stand the thought of rebatesforexbroker being able to get out of a losing position after five or more years of diligent drilling and painstaking research?  Third: When your friends through a stable job, gradually bought a building, car, and you still have nothing, although you have so many other people do not know the suffering and hard work, but there is no corresponding return you can still maintain a calm and firm mind? You really will not fall in the darkness before the dawn?  Fourth: In a market with such a low success rate and full of highly intelligent people, what makes you think you will become one of the small group of successful people? Im thinking, the brothers who love the financial market, are serious idealists, their lives, either as free as heaven, unrestrained, completely out of geocentric attraction; either as hell, living like animals,  Pigs and dogs,   life is worse than death,   complete shamelessness to see the Jiangdong father   family and friends are feeling that you are wasting time, not working, gambling, etc., only their own silent struggle in the atmosphere of misunderstanding . Everyone has their own characteristics of survival, it can be said that financial and foreign exchange futures investment than industrial investment has many advantages, such as you can use a small cost to do a big deal, and not affected by logistics, and do not have to look for a license to please a certain you look annoying people, and so on and so forth! But yet every day we all face the problem of concern, that is, loss, different people have different tolerance, for the tolerance of weak friends, I think never to foreign exchange futures for a living, because that is a pain! But for friends who like to take risks, this is heaven, because here is the clean slate they need the most to compete fairly, here to get the harvest entirely on merit, want to get something for nothing will eventually be eliminated from the game! If you really think about it, first of all, I salute you, please join this battle group Author: Wusong
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