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Direct foreign exchange control

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What is direct best forex rebate company rebatesforexbroker fxrebatecentral Direct foreign exchange control refers to the exchange rate of foreign exchange trad bestforexrebatecompanyg to implement direct intervention forexrebatecommission control and indirect foreign exchange control symmetry, is one of the ways of foreign exchange control Direct foreign exchange control methods Direct control methods are different, and can be divided into administrative control and quantity control Administrative control refers to the government by administrative means to foreign exchange trading, foreign exchange assets, foreign exchange funds sources and the use of the implementation of the The specific measures are: (1) the government monopoly foreign exchange trading government through foreign exchange management agencies to control all foreign exchange transactions, the exchange rate official, restrict the sale (2) the government regulation of private foreign exchange assets government forced domestic residents to apply for all foreign assets they have in order to grasp as much foreign exchange assets, in urgent need can be used (3) control the cashback forex of foreign exchange regulations exporters must be obtained by (4) control capital export and import regardless of the amount of capital export and import, must be declared to the foreign exchange control agencies on a case-by-case basis without approval, any resident or non-resident shall not borrow foreign debt, not to mention the foreign exchange, gold exported abroad Quantity control refers to the implementation of foreign exchange revenue and expenditure to regulate and control the quantity. The specific measures are: (1) import quota system by the foreign exchange management agencies in accordance with the country in a certain period of time the number and type of imported goods, the different importers of foreign exchange required to implement the quota allocation (2) foreign exchange sharing system by the foreign exchange management agencies in accordance with the needs of certain aspects of the country designated by the export of foreign exchange share ratio foreign exchange sharing system in the specific form of cash retention, quota retention or settlement certificate (3) import and export chain system which is a clock to limit the system, that is, the need to import goods which must first export goods, only to export goods, in order to obtain the corresponding import rights
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