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Do foreign exchange 6 years I say some bar to like-minded people!

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from the time best forex rebate company started doing foreign exchange in college, to today 6 years I studied finance, graduate studies rebatesforexbroker international finance 6 years of wind forexrebatecommission rain to come, stable profit I did fxrebatecentral, really did not, last night also blew a position cashback forex the cumulative withdrawal than the deposit of 18w this is the RMB, not the U.S. dollar I do not know why I bestforexrebatecompany now blow a position to be honest, understand heavy positions will die, understand no stop loss will die, understand insatiable greed will die die, understand blind entry will die, understand frequent operation will die, understand the chase will die, understand premature left operation will die will die will die a lot, understand understand understand a lot of things, and are their own experience many times to understand, but unfortunately I do not remember, each time because of one of these burst positions so I am certainly not a stable and profitable god, but the cumulative withdrawal is indeed more than the deposit of 18w RMB boils down to the reason I feel that the reason why I have accumulated profits but not stable profits may be the operating methods and their own system is correct, but the discipline is not strict caused, not strict discipline let me burst but also over my huge profit margin which is fun this is gambling, very exciting can not stop so let me not yet stable profits my heart age than the same age at least 15 years higher, because as A foreign exchange investor, want to profit you need to suppress too many things anger, madness, pain, despair, grief, and even joy, joy, happiness, desire, you need to suppress all their feelings in order to make a successful foreign exchange investor, so the more profit, the older the age of the heart this is a foregone conclusion some people say EA can operate mechanically, after all, I studied this is the study of this, graduate students also part-time study Computer programming, I have a lot of EA, but in the end and many of the forum of the true gods of the same right, is that EA is mechanical, although it can run itself but he is not a trading system, he is only EA, trading system is yourself, you yourself is the system, yourself is everything do not use EA blasphemy foreign exchange magic, do not disbelieve in the power of life any successful EA need to have the maker In the side to watch him run and artificially control what he did wrong or did not do so the trading system is you, ultimately you and others EA is not for you, never suitable I do not encourage the use of EA, I encourage human operation because I do not know much but also know a lot, trend analysis, fundamental analysis, technical analysis, drawing analysis, resistance analysis, channel theory, Fibonacci, and a variety of finishing Various patterns, I will not only use them as everyone else, I will also do them, I understand how they come, what formula, as well as the advantages and disadvantages of different moments can give you the right information technical data and analysis of patterns is very little most of them are wrong only people, only people, only your brain can judge each technical data each pattern to your message is credible, not credible have to exclude, credible Trust him so talent is the system, you are your system, you are your holy grail to say that the foreign exchange as life of those people, I have a piece of advice, I lost 4 years of money, 2 years to earn back, and more than 18w, but there is no stable profit-making ability if your performance and my similar words, do not do foreign exchange progress is too slow, but if your family situation allows at the same time you are also the same as me 18 years old to start contact Foreign exchange started very early, then you can insist I am now insisting after all I have not only when I can invest 50w of financial resources, but also the advantage of starting early and young after all I am only 24 years old from the age of 22 years old to earn money to now the average month will be as much as 10,000, for now I am enough to say here is the RMB I am not rich, only well-off families I do not say I 24 many people from my tone of voice feel I 42 Oh no way, manipulation needs, need you to do a no desire people this is a little bit of what I want to say, no more wish the forex academy of the same people can have a good harvest, are happy and healthy, which is good Author: AsuraZAX
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