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FCA-regulated forex trading platform hacked how to do Teach you how to defend your rights!

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forex bestforexrebatecompanys often encounter such situations when participating in trading: market fluctuations when the market price single, slippage under the stop-loss order, but forexrebatecommission in the set price level to execute the normal market price single, the price of the order was rejected, there rebatesforexbroker a repeat offer to open a position when the market volatility, but how cashback forex not log on to the trading server these may be the result of objective environmental impact, the market is This way, there is no way to execute at the price that the trader wants Of course, there may also be unfair treatment of traders, in the back to do some dark things You remember, in the UK regulatory system, a financial brokerage service providers must maintain three major principles: 1) InducementsRules (motivation rules) can not be non-compliant way to lure customers to financial investment 2) BestExecutions (best execution) to provide customers with the best quality transaction execution services, including the best price, the fastest execution, etc. 3) ConflictsofInterest (conflict of interest) to inform the content of the conflict of interest with the customer, can not hide, if the conflict of interest to protect the interests of the customer if the customer encountered us If a customer encounters some of the situations we have just described, or believes that the trader has violated the above principles, best forex rebate company their own interests received infringement, run to the FCA, the FCA said we do not care to protect their rights, run to the financial compensation scheme FSCS, FSCS said we only care about the protection of the trader after the bankruptcy. Here we introduce an important institution under the British financial regulatory system, fxrebatecentral - FinancialOmbudsmanService, that is, the British financial regulatory system is responsible for the protection of rights and coordination of the arbitration body FOS official website: function is very clear, to help customers to clarify the facts of the case to make arbitration, if encountered in the case of a dealer violation or unfair treatment of customers can help customers to defend the rights of its jurisdiction is very wide, from banking, down to investment advisory services are all within the scope of its coordination and arbitration rights financial brokerage, trading services are certainly Its jurisdiction, the correct specific position is how to defend the right? We have to go in two steps: directly contact the trader directly contact the trader is the first step in the defense of rights, traders should ask their brokers what happened and complaints, put forward their own claims, it is best to keep the appropriate evidence and records for the problems they encounter focus on the relevant provisions of the United Kingdom requires traders to respond within 8 weeks whether and how to deal with customer complaints and in the receipt of customer If the trader is not satisfied with the brokers response or does not receive a formal response from the broker within 8 weeks, then he or she can appeal to the FOS. Official response, then you can take to find the FOS arbitration First of all, FOS services are free, and then Chinese customers can also use Chinese and FOS e-mail communication and seek to defend the rights of FOS contact: phone - +442079640500 e-mail - [email  protected] (can send Chinese Oh, justified can be) FOS contact, ask the customer to provide relevant materials and then assign staff (CaseWorker) It should be noted that the event of the customers rights must be within six months of what happened. Otherwise, FOS may not be able to accept the complaint if the customer is also dissatisfied with the outcome of the FOS arbitration? Finally, I would like to tell you that the conflict between the agent and the broker is not managed by the FCA or the FOS, because the agent does not belong to the brokers trading clients (see the FCA document for more details: click here) trader F, trader C1, agent C2, according to the regulations, only C1 belongs to trader Fs clients, so the agent can not find FOS and the trader to fight free arbitration, collect evidence and see the trader court