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Foreign exchange basics the advantages of foreign exchange trading

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The fxrebatecentral rebatesforexbroker best forex rebate company bestforexrebatecompany currently the largest and most liquid financial market, and is also considered to be a truly level playing field as well as a market where price discovery functions truly exist Here are some of the advantages of foreign exchange forexrebatecommission, from which we cashback forex find out why the foreign exchange market is currently the fastest growing market in the world 24-hour trading market Foreign exchange trading can be done 5 days a week, 24 hours a day. The Forex market is a 24 hour market that moves from Wellington, New Zealand to every financial center in the world every trading day where the majority of Forex trading takes place in Tokyo, London and New York where the Forex market opens at 10:00 pm (GMT) on Sunday and closes at 10:00 pm (GMT) on Friday. When important financial markets overlap in time is also the most frequent time for foreign exchange trading 24-hour trading can make the financial market price fluctuations more consistent, more trading opportunities High liquidity Another benefit of the foreign exchange market is ultra-liquidity foreign exchange market is currently the worlds most liquid financial markets This is the biggest difference between the foreign exchange market and other financial markets foreign exchange market is the daily trading volume of 4 trillion U.S. dollars, which means that at any time you can exchange foreign exchange assets for cash without worrying about price discounts in such a large volume of transactions, each transaction on the foreign exchange market itself produces minimal impact so there will be no stock market dealer, which also ensures the fairness of the market, transparency Low threshold to enter Generally speaking, the threshold to enter the foreign exchange market trading capital than to enter other markets are low & nbsp nbsp; Leverage Financing Forex trading is generally leveraged using leverage means you can control a large transaction with a low initial capital For example, if you use 100 times leverage, then when you buy with $1,000, you are actually buying $100,000, so the profit generated will be the profit from $100,000 So leverage will make your So leverage will make your profits bigger at the same time, if you do not use, leverage will also make your losses magnified Do long and short, two-way trading Some stock markets can only do long, but not short, so when the market in the process of falling (the so-called bear market) investors are helpless, while the foreign exchange market is a two-way transaction, regardless of whether the market is up or down, investors can invest in profit when you look at the market up, you can buy; when you When you are bearish on the market, you can sell Low cost trading The cost of trading per lot spread plus commission is less than 1 point, such transaction costs means you can save a lot of money Transparency In some markets such as stocks, the big bankers can take advantage of the information asymmetry or strong capital to profit, while in the foreign exchange market, due to the huge liquidity makes it possible to maintain sufficient transparency for any investor The volatility of the foreign exchange market is driven by the huge volume of the foreign exchange market. The volatility of the foreign exchange market means increased trading opportunities, so for different traders, they should choose the right trading currency for their risk strategy.  The foreign exchange market is not like the futures market where futures are traded on the futures exchange, but rather an over-the-counter trade, so the number of trades is not limited to a fixed contract size like futures. Forex traders do not have a fixed limit on the number of lots they can trade, and can flexibly choose the number of lots they want to trade, from a minimum of 0.01 lots to an unlimited number.
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