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Foreign exchange burst several problems

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foreign exchange burst six sins: excessive positions, refuse to admit m best forex rebate companytakes, forexrebatecommission rebatesforexbroker set a stop- fxrebatecentral, excessive trading, counter-market 1. heavy position this is the main reason for the burst, its psychological demons is the rush to get rich, the idea of overnight riches play a role in avoiding methods: is a small amount of light positions, such as fine water flow: take 1/10 of the capital to operate, so that the risk degree of about 10% if the full position to kill, then the ability to resist risk Very small, risk degree of more than 90%, like the pound U.S. against a plunge of more than 100 points on the loss of heavy or to the burst may be felt that the position is too light, too slow to make bestforexrebatecompany In fact, the essence of trading to make money is to make money with compound interest, rather than make money with burst interest on the mode of making money with compound interest, each person is the same, can be summarized in practice 2. Dead resistance, until the position is blown, the life to take in, only to have to be forced to close the position, do not hit the wall not to turn back do not know that we came to this market is to make money, not to play the hero who will not get along with the money, hit the violent position, no matter what can not stand up to learn to survive first, and then consider how to make money Psychological misconceptions: good face, vanity prevention methods: overcome vanity 3. There are very many people or because there is no stop-loss and the position, the reason, one is a psychological barrier, one is the technical factors psychological barriers are mainly reflected in the existence of a fluke mentality once the position is opened, do not set a stop-loss, expecting the price to the direction of their open positions movement but cashback forexeculation is not gambling, fluke and luck can not always accompany you, to make stable profits, or rely on their real strength market has its own rules of operation, is not subject to the will of anyone. It is not to anyones will to shift, so the bad trading habit of fluke, to be in their own trading behavior, early eradication, otherwise the consequences are endless To overcome the fear of hitting the stop loss, the price back to regret the psychology, and strive to never regret, push back never regret is to caution themselves, hitting the stop loss is normal, is the cost of the trading process must be paid, because our speculative philosophy is not The one-sided pursuit of win rate always do not hit the stop-loss is not normal push back is to tell themselves that since the stop-loss was hit through, indicating that the entry point and stop-loss position has a problem, to seriously identify the problem, timely summary, calmly deal with, in order to facilitate the fight again To combine the stop-loss position and their own position adjustment, but also to combine with their own operating cycle If you do medium-term operations, stop loss slightly enlarged some, generally 150 points About do short term operation, the average stop loss level of about 40 points in the specific operation process to use a small amount of money, appropriate to do short term, do not cover the end to combine technical stop loss and capital stop loss technical stop loss, generally on the technical stop loss level, and then appropriately relaxed about 10 points capital stop loss, generally not more than 5% of the total funds as a stop loss level, once the loss exceeds 5% of the warning line, regardless of the three, first out of the game to say
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