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Foreign exchange EA automated trading why more and more favored by foreign exchange investors

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now onl bestforexrebatecompanye can often see foreign exchange best forex rebate company forexrebatecommission ads which, many ads are peddling automated foreign exchange trading system, that rebatesforexbroker, we often say EA intelligent trading software believe that engaged in foreign exchange trading some people have used EA trading, of course, there are some people are eager to try, have tried a part of the friends may know, in fact, with EA to do trading is cashback forex as stable fxrebatecentral magical as the legend. EA trading, and not to the legendary stability and magic, many of these things are packaged by the marketing team and the team of the heart of the wrong, just for the commission and the money you buy software below to have a good chat with you about forex EA knowledge of what is forex EA?Forex EA, the full name ExpertAdvisor, that is, the forex fully automated trading system, is the Foreign exchange trading strategy with MQL programming language (MQL4 or MQL5) written into a computer software program for MT4/MT5 platform (Metatrader4/Metatrader5) programmed trading system allows the computer in accordance with the pre-set entry conditions automatically for traders to buy and sell orders or give trading signal tips, after the order can also automatically After the order is placed, it can also automatically monitor the status of the trading order and close the position in accordance with the set exit conditions How do you view the profitability of Forex EA?  Forex EA profitability essentially depends on the design of its own automatic trading system is good or bad, and EA is only the trading operation automation is just an analogy is that EA is like a chainsaw to cut trees, manual trading is like an axe chainsaw is certainly more efficient than an axe, good, but the results of the transaction is the material of the tree, not related to your tool is good or bad Forex EA development is understood that the current Wall Street financial sector, many transactions are completed by programmed trading, EA programmed trading relative to the huge advantages of manual traders, making EA trading in recent years has gained significant development, more financial institutions and individual investors began to gradually into the world of programmed trading, quantitative investment world of future investment between traders, will be the competition between the program code, is the competition between trading strategies The higher the degree of quantitative trading, the better the EA program skills, who is likely to beat the market and gain greater additional investment income The advantages of foreign exchange EA 1. On, its trading strategy selection and market judgment, position control and trading discipline, risk control and profitability will undoubtedly be higher than manual manual operation 2. 24-hour non-stop monitoring of the market The foreign exchange market is a 24-hour all-day tradable market, people need to rest at night, and EA does not need to rest, it can be like the foreign exchange market, truly 24 hours Uninterrupted continuous work at the right time and point automatically into the field, will not miss any opportunity, completely without human intervention, which greatly liberates the traders hands and brain, do not have to stay up all night staring at the plate, you can also work during the day 3. But the mentality is not stable and EA as a program, it will not be affected by emotions, the buy then buy, the sell then sell not hesitate, not greedy, strict risk management, strict stop loss win is not arrogant, loss is not frustrated, can really do not worry not fear, the four empty, and thus perfectly avoid the drawbacks of artificial trading in the emotional 4.Improve the probability of gain The foreign exchange market is T + 0, suitable for small skills of frequent operations, for EA, because it is automatically executed by computer, can ensure faster order and position closing speed in addition, as after intelligent programming, EA omitted a variety of analytical surface process, analysis speed is also far faster than human, can be more sensitive to respond to price changes and trend changes, to a large extent can improve the probability of risk avoidance, amplification of returns and EA can monitor and trade multiple species at the same time to get more trading opportunities Disadvantages of Forex EA  The forex market is a market with greater liquidity than stocks, and the psychology of forex traders is an important factor affecting this market, which cannot be quantified, so the experience of mature traders is also very important At the same time, once The direction of the market has changed dramatically, the computer did not make changes in real time, but continue to follow the original instructions to execute, this time may cause losses, the use of EA trading at the same time, adding a manual review mechanism, which can also significantly improve the success rate of automated trading and reduce the risk of trading A good foreign exchange EA required conditions  EA The advantages of a good EA are indeed many, but a good EA can be hard to find, because the formation of a good EA requires extremely high hardware and software conditions 1.Need to have many years of experience in manipulation of the trader design comprehensive trading strategy Because the foreign exchange market trend is not a single, is complex, any single set of method strategy can not face the future of the foreign exchange market, comprehensive trading strategy At least to include trend strategy, oscillation strategy, pattern capture strategy, hedging quantitative modeling, etc. Without more than a decade of experience as a trader, it is difficult to have a stable integrated strategy, while the need to reconcile the switch between strategies, time period, combined with the law of currency fluctuations, such as the pound volatile in the afternoon, the Australian dollar volatile in the morning and other characteristics, to do the coordination between integrated strategies and strategies in different cycles automatically switch  2. Need very good programmer Programmer can combine a variety of strategies, combined together, mutual detection, screening, and collaborative orders, and do not affect each other, but also to have disconnected, disconnected function, automatic error checking function, and the program architecture should be good, or the speed is slow, slow speed is a drag on the EA 3. nbsp; ensure the smooth flow of the network, computer server equipment super computer top configuration, in order to guarantee the smooth operation of EA   Therefore, foreign exchange EA intelligent trading is not so universal as people say in the practical application, because an excellent EA must be designed by top foreign exchange experts and program experts programming, is destined to EA this high threshold high-cost industry, nowadays the industry a variety of EA system everywhere, if strictly in accordance with the requirements, a large part of them simply do not meet the conditions of an excellent EA, especially in the domestic, EA mainly from abroad, the quality varies, the market circulation of truly excellent EA few forex traders in the consideration of foreign exchange EA to carefully screen according to the actual situation
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