best forex rebate company technology has developed greatly in the past few……" />

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Foreign exchange EA intelligent trading system classification

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 As the cashback">best forex rebate company technology has developed greatly in the past few years, a variety of new EA continue to emerge, I only its general forexrebatecommissionification, not perfect fxrebatecentral rigorous, please forgive 1.trend class The most common and most mature type, the trend of the most mainstream EA type, generally based on a variety of indicators and strategies to access the field operation 2.grid The character rebatesforexbrokertics of the network class are generally very obvious, that is, a lot of single, and the floating loss is very large, single are stopping out, the benefits are obvious: the capital curve is exceptionally smooth, very smooth profits but also extremely obvious disadvantages: a large trend can make you burst, months of profit plus principal can disappear within a few days, but for large funds, using a very small position, or relatively safe, in addition with Neural network class bestforexrebatecompany EA is just recently developed, the so-called neural network is frankly a simulation of the brains thinking process, and continuous learning of historical trends Therefore, such EA is unable to substantially backtest the history, because it has learned it in the brain such EA is an emerging species, whether it can be stable Scalping class such should be said to be the least risky, the most efficient EA of profit, it is generally only a few seconds of trading time but it is extremely high requirements for platform spreads and delays, and because of its exceptional performance will attract a large number of people in a short period of time to use the pair, causing Brokers attention, as well as some other reasons, such EA often Currency correlation class through the correlation of different currencies to trade, the biggest drawback of such EA is that it can not be back-tested, you can not know its simulation performance, only by observing the actual operation of the market to examine its effectiveness 6. Amplify the risk of bursting some grid class EA using the class Martingale money management (Martingale method, similar to the reverse market increase), give up the market-neutral entry strategy, but instead use some indicators to judge the entry When we examine an EA must understand its type and money management, do not be confused by the perfect money curve, and do not listen to the salesmans boasts, everything is Need your own knowledge to judge 
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