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Foreign exchange five top secrets

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  Nowadays, best forex rebate companydividual rebatesforexbroker fxrebatecentral investors are gradually diversifying their investment channels, of which cashback forex in foreign exchange as a form of investment in foreign countries has been running maturely for decades, began to enter the sight of ordinary Chinese people speculation in foreign exchange because of its simple trading, can use the margin ratio to obtain higher returns on a small boom and gradually by domestic investors, but, as a beginner investor in the forexrebatecommission, the following 5 points must be noted As a beginner investor who intends to enter the market, the following 5 points are certain to pay attention to the speculation of foreign exchange to do your homework Just enter the market investors do not blindly open positions, especially margin trading, often dozens of times hundreds of times the margin trading if you run into the larger foreign exchange market fluctuations will make you lose a lot of money before investing should learn some knowledge of international finance, such as the theory of exchange rate decisions, the balance of payments theory, etc. In addition to Learn some of the basic methods of technical analysis, and be able to skillfully use one or more of them to operate Speculation in foreign exchange to control risk After entering the speculative foreign exchange market, your first goal is not necessarily to make money, as long as you can survive, your first step is to succeed in full operation is like a moth to a flame, even if the more sophisticated speculative foreign exchange agent can not guarantee that all his judgments are correct, if you want to survive in this If you want to survive in the market, do not risk total annihilation speculation in foreign exchange expensive fine not expensive more speculation in foreign exchange should focus on strength and energy analysis of one or a few currencies if too many currency pairs involved, it will be difficult to do because of the need to collect information, too much information, on the other hand, will also miss the opportunity to profit, because speculation in foreign exchange opportunities fleeting, when you find the opportunity to change positions when it is too late  Speculation in foreign exchange buy up not buy down Regardless of the occasion, investors who have done speculation in foreign exchange will recognize this problem because in the rising market, the worst choice is only the highest point; and in the falling market, the best choice is only the lowest point The chances of profit are self-explanatory, but most investors still make mistakes on this point Speculation in foreign exchange should not be greedy Most investors have this experience, when the profit reached 7% still In the end, the market suddenly changed to nothing to see the good is to speculate in foreign exchange investors should retain the mentality 
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