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Foreign exchange hedge trading knowledge interpretation

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I would like to ask you a question about rebatesforexbroker fxrebatecentral hedge trad bestforexrebatecompanyg you know how much? In doing foreign exchange transactions, hedging transactions a more common way of trading today I will give you a detailed introduction to foreign exchange hedging transactions, I hope it will help you Hedge trading refers to the use of futures trading to avoid or mitigate the r best forex rebate companyk of price fluctuations in real goods trading method in finance, hedging refers to deliberately reduce the risk of another investment investment it is a business risk reduction at the same time can still be in the investment Hedging is the most common technique in the foreign exchange market, cashback forex is intended to avoid the risk of single-line trading. Theoretically, buying short a forexrebatecommission and selling short a currency, to the same silver code, only then can be considered a real hedge, otherwise the size of the two sides are not the same to do the function of hedging. The reason for this is that the world foreign exchange market is based on the U.S. dollar as the unit of calculation, all foreign currencies rise and fall in the U.S. dollar as the relative exchange rate of the U.S. dollar is strong, that is, the foreign currency is weak; foreign currency is strong, the U.S. dollar is weak The rise and fall of the dollar affects the rise and fall of all foreign currencies So, if you are optimistic about a currency, but to reduce the risk, you need to sell a bearish currency at the same time to buy a strong currency and sell a weak currency, if the estimate is correct, the dollar is weak, the strong currency bought will rise; even if the estimate is wrong, the dollar is strong, the currency bought will not fall too much to sell short the weak currency but fell heavily, made to lose less to earn more, the overall In fact, the principle of hedging transactions is not limited to the foreign exchange market, but in terms of investment, more commonly used in the foreign exchange market this principle also applies to the gold market, futures and futures market