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Foreign exchange investment four kinds of stop-loss method

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A, capital stop rebatesforexbroker (EquityStop) Th best forex rebate company is the simplest stop-loss method, we each transaction to control the risk of a fixed percentage of the account funds, when cont bestforexrebatecompanyuous money, this ratio represents the amount will increase, so you can put more money to earn more profits, when continuous loss of money, on the contrary, may reduce losses II, chart stop loss ( ChartStop) technical analysis of the chart can produce a variety of possible stop-loss levels, such as resistance (Resistance), support (Support), Fibonacci numbers (FibonacciNumbers) forexrebatecommission so on, these are more logical than a fixed number of stop-loss level, we can project from the stop-loss level to trade how many lots of contracts will not break Suppose we have a $10,000 account, and the risk of each transaction does not exceed 5%, and the resistance level shows that the stop-loss point is 30 points, the risk of 5% of a $10,000 account is $500, equivalent to 50 points (assuming 1 point = $10), so 50 & divide;; 30 = 1.6, that is, we can trade 1.6 lots of standard contracts, and meet the requirements of money management. And to meet the requirements of capital management Third, volatility stop loss (VolatilityStop) The theory of volatility stop loss is this: when the market volatility is more stimulating, the price will change in a relatively large range, this time the stop-loss points should be set relatively large, so as not to be market noise (MarketNoise) stop loss out, on the contrary, when the market is relatively calm, the stop-loss points can be set relatively small A common method of volatility stop loss is the use of BollingerBands (BollingerBands) because this indicator in the calculation of the volatility (Volatility) into account, fxrebatecentralecifically in the volatility is relatively large when the distance between the upper and lower band (Band) is large, and vice versa is small, in doing buy orders (long) when the stop-loss level is set at a distance from the lower band ( LowerBand) about the bandwidth (the distance between the upper and lower bands), sell orders (short) is in the upper band (UpperBand) about the bandwidth distance, volatility stop loss is generally for more long-term transactions Four, margin stop (MarginStop) money management is actually to control the risk of each of our transactions within an acceptable range, so stop loss is a very important part of money management However, in practice we may lack the determination to break our backs, and hope that the market will turn when we plan to make a loss, but the results are often disappointing, and there is no shortage of examples of a single transaction to lose all the money, in order to avoid such situations, margin stop is not a method in the method, we only inject the required margin in the account each time and prepare to make a loss. When the worst happens, that is, when the funds in the account is not enough to cover the loss, the computer system will automatically close the position for us, so as to ensure that the loss of each transaction will not exceed our expectations
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