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Foreign exchange investment from scratch a few insights

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  For newcomers who have just contacted forexrebatecommission best forex rebate company bestforexrebatecompanyvestment, need to underst fxrebatecentral the basic knowledge of foreign exchange, the operating process and the basic analys rebatesforexbroker methods target mastering the introductory knowledge of foreign exchange, understand the steps of foreign exchange trading This is a mandatory course for each foreign exchange investor, in addition to grasp several operating rules and operating mentality is particularly important first, positioning homeopathy and For the most important operating principles of foreign exchange trading different from stock trading people in buying and selling foreign exchange, often one-sided focus on the price and ignore the rising and falling cashback forex of the exchange rate when the exchange rate rises, the price is getting more expensive, the more expensive the more afraid to buy; in the exchange rate falls, the price is getting lower, the lower the cheaper feel so the actual transaction often forget the maxim of follow the trend and become the wrong traders against the market in the rising exchange rate trend, only one point is wrong to buy, that is, the price rose to the top when the exchange rate is like rising from the floor to the ceiling, can not rise again in addition to this point, any point to buy is right in the downward trend of the exchange rate, only one point is wrong to sell, that is, the exchange rate has fallen to the lowest point, like falling to the floor, can not be lower, in addition to this point, any point to sell is right second, let their own foreign exchange Benefit from the gradual maximization of inexperienced investors, after the opening to buy or sell some kind of goods, once you see a profit, you immediately think of closing the money to close positions at a profit seems easy, but the time to capture profits is a learning curve experienced investors, will be based on their own judgment of the exchange rate trend, decide to close the time if you think the market trend will further develop in his favor, he will be patient In the end, the foreign exchange trend situation is not clear, it is appropriate not to dip when you feel that the trend of the currency market is not clear enough, and you lack confidence, it is appropriate not to dip if you feel unsure, it is better to do nothing and wait patiently If the time to enter the market has opened, there is a great feeling of tasteless, abandoned, it is better to close the market and leave the market Do not be overly concerned about earnings and losses, risk of uncertainty
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