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Foreign exchange investment K-line application skills you know how much

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foreign exchange rebatesforexbrokervestment has cashback forexen a very popular investment in Chinas investment market, one of the investment projects, want to do a good job in foreign exchange investment, we need to underst bestforexrebatecompany how to read the best forex rebate company chart currency exchange rate trend changes in the foreign exchange chart in the form of K- fxrebatecentral chart performance investors know how to use the K-line chart for trading forexrebatecommission a unique technology, which requires investors to have a deep understanding of the market to K-line chart, also known as candlestick chart, Yin and Yang chart Divided into the entity part, the upper and lower shadow part, we need to focus on the analysis of the entity part of the magnitude of the size and shadow length, the location of the shadow line entity, the greater the power of one side, the longer the shadow line, on behalf of the empty side of a strong counter-attack, the longer the shadow line, on behalf of a strong counter-attack on the upper and lower shadow line length equal, indicating that both sides are evenly matched generally speaking, in the Foreign exchange market in the K-line entity + shadow range of more than 25 points, is considered a relatively high validity of the K-line (1H chart K-line) In other words, only the volatility of the K-line trading up to 25 points will be valuable, if the volatility of 25 points to trade, there will often be false signals (induced and short signals) with the K-line can also be used to determine the trend, if there are several consecutive days in the daily level Fast, sharp decline, you can identify the trend has turned down but at this time should not be low shorting, and to wait for small levels (1H, 4H) appeared upward rebound, and then from the high level of the rebound to go with the trend shorting so that the profits are very large, the risk is small K-line rise and fall is also presented "several waves" development of the general three to four waves, or even More when the first wave, basically in the early, when the second wave, basically in the middle, when the third or fourth wave, basically at the end of our best trading timing in the first wave, the second wave of development more, try not to trade the third wave or the fourth wave, if you go to trade is easy to be set to see the most important point of the K-line, but also a lot of friends of the use of bad points, I Here to highlight, I hope you can remember that "the same K-line pattern appears in different locations, representing a very different meaning" For example, a large positive line appears at the bottom of the downtrend, is a reversal of the bullish signal large positive line appears in the middle of the uptrend, is a post-trend continue to hold positions signal large positive line appears in the uptrend end, is a signal to induce more, as long as then go to do more, certainly set in the top in addition to look at K-line trading, can not only analyze a single K-line or a few K-line, which is very taboo method correct method is the global analysis, local orders such as some patterns, double top, double bottom, flag relay, ascending triangle, etc., are dozens of K-line together to analyze, if only analyze a single K-line or a few K-line success rate This is why many people slander the K-line reasons, in fact, not K-line is not good, is some of the friends will not use want to invest in good foreign exchange, that need to master a wealth of foreign exchange knowledge, especially the application of K-line, skilled mastery of this knowledge for investors to analyze market trends, the development of trading plans can play a great role in helping the first, the same K-line combination, the monthly line Of course, some investors like to analyze the annual line or minute line, through the futures market and stock market research, I believe that the reference is not very bullish combination of the monthly line has the highest probability of rising, the weekly line up the combination of high credibility, and the daily line cheat line is more likely, but very common Therefore, in the use of the K-line combination to predict the market, the daily line must be used with the weekly and monthly to better results Second, the stock price runs in different stages of the same K-line combination represents different meanings, for example, the same pregnancy line, the end of the down section appears than the bottom of the shock phase signal more credible, so we can not see a pregnancy line or a star line that the bottom is coming, must be combined with the overall trend of the comprehensive view Third, the K-line combination must be combined with Volume to see the volume represents the consumption of power, is the degree of intensity of the game between the two sides, and the K-line is the result of the game only look at the K-line combination, do not look at the volume, the effect to be halved so the volume is the motivation, K-line pattern is the result
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