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Foreign exchange investment to beware of illegal traps

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A, the status quo: a number of companies suspected of illegal speculation forexrebatecommission best forex rebate company fxrebatecentral A netizen posted on the Internet that he bought in Guangzhou Maf rebatesforexbrokerhi Huilifeng [30.35-4.41%] financial plan, a week later a loss of 2/3, additional funds bestforexrebatecompany then a loss of 4/5, regardless of whether the direction of investment is correct, the last 80% of cases will be a stop loss, that is, in most cases are losses The netizen felt very strange, after finding the person in charge of the company, the other party promised to ask the overseas trader to recover the funds, a month later will be returned to the netizen tens of thousands of yuan, but suspected that the money is the companys own money to pay for the rest of the matter In this regard, a banking staff told reporters that they had been in a foreign exchange investment consulting company as a trader, these so-called foreign exchange investment consulting company is mostly by the foreign The dealer to provide network cashback forex platform, domestic investment consulting company to pull the residents of foreign exchange margin trading, residents will be remitted to the designated foreign public account, the company will provide an account for the residents to open a contract, and provide a number for the login software, and this number is actually attached to the public account, the trader can choose to play the money into the public account, you can also choose to operate within the account, that is, hedging, betting And it is understood that some investment advisory companies are not even the use of foreign trading platforms, but their own internal platform trading If investors short the euro, and the trader believes that the euro and the possibility of high, it will keep this single, and not into the trading pool transactions, then if the investor closes the position will certainly lose money, illegal companies earn a handsome profit from the above-mentioned people said that if the investor direction to do the right, will be deducted The illegal company hired gunner traders purpose is to make money at almost zero cost Second, the bank: without approval there is a regulatory vacuum It is understood that the foreign exchange investment consulting company to provide trading is generally in the form of margin, that is, a small boom, the magnification can reach 50 times to 500 times, in order to obtain high returns while also bearing considerable risk Previously, the Bank of Communications, Pudong Development, Minsheng But this business was launched less than six months ago, received a lot of complaints, the reason is too high risk, investors lose more and earn less, greater losses Last June, the China Banking Regulatory Commission announced in a notice called a halt to commercial banks foreign exchange margin business The companies that can invest in foreign exchange margin business are all illegal, not approved by the regulatory authorities, and their accounts are offshore accounts and not linked to the foreign exchange margin business. The account is an offshore account, and there is no agreement with the bank to reach a tripartite trusteeship, the account funds can not be supervised, and therefore not protected by law said the bank insiders According to the relevant provisions, domestic individuals engaged in foreign exchange margin and other foreign exchange trading, should be through the corresponding business qualification of domestic financial institutions in accordance with the law, without the approval of the regulatory authorities or the consent of the record, no unit and no individual shall be unauthorized Foreign exchange margin trading, otherwise it will belong to the illegal operation of foreign exchange business and private trading in foreign exchange Third, the speculator frankly: walking in the policy of risk edge Mr. Cai has many years of experience in foreign exchange speculation, because of the foreign exchange trading deep research, and preference for high risk, the general foreign exchange trading is difficult to meet its investment needs, in the bank called a halt to foreign exchange margin business, Mr. Cai can only choose the foreign trading platform speculation In order to ensure the safety of funds, Mr. Cai selected a broker in the United States after assessing the risk of investment, as Mr. Cai engaged in foreign trade business, every time he borrowed the opportunity to go abroad, he had to make some visits to the broker, including the existence of the company, whether the normal operation, etc. However, in accordance with the relevant provisions of the Foreign Exchange Bureau, foreign funds remitted to foreign countries must have restrictions on the use, can not be used for capital projects and foreign investment. In order to attract more funds, it is understood that many brokers have an authorized person account in the country, individual investors do not need to remit money directly to foreign countries, and not subject to the amount of restrictions, Mr. Cai used this way to make large investments This practice is actually playing ball Mr. Cai confessed, but From investment risk considerations, he would rather choose foreign trading platforms Last July, the largest domestic foreign exchange investment intermediary should be seized investment company was a sensation, and Mr. Cai once deposited 30,000 yuan in the company, was seized, Mr. Cai still have more than 20,000 into a bubble because the trading platform informal traders to provide, suspected institutions use their own trading platform and customer betting so was seized, estimated 20,000 Mr. Cai once encountered the experience of being cheated 3 to 5 years later, domestic investors will gradually familiar with and understand the foreign exchange margin business, of course, this is related to the national policy Mr. Cai told reporters that, first of all, the risk regulatory mechanism should be sound IV, trap perspective Trap 1 account can not be supervised by a loophole Previously, the bank launched foreign exchange margin business account by the regulatory authorities, investors need not worry about Some illegal companies did not get the approval of the regulatory authorities, just register a company overseas, engaged in foreign exchange margin or gold futures business, and whether the funds are used for foreign exchange margin trading is unknown, the supervision of funds in the absence of state Bank insiders said that some so-called foreign exchange investment consulting company, in fact, belong to the shell company, no registered capital restrictions, join a company like this Once the owner of the shell company absconded with the money, there are no assets to sell, and the funds are mostly allocated to overseas, investors even if they want to recover the funds is also difficult From the remittance process, after the funds are remitted, investors only get a statement of entry, and the statement of entry does not specify that it is used to engage in foreign exchange margin investment The account contract is only stamped with the companys seal, there is no proof of the legal effectiveness of any regulatory department Trap 2 Betting on trading losses and gains Industry insiders pointed out that the regular foreign exchange trading platform is the funds into a regulated foreign exchange company to operate, the funds are ultimately used for international foreign exchange market transactions, trading companies earn trading spreads, belonging to the legal transactions, and betting is through the companys internal Trading platform, the company is the banker, if the investor makes money, the company from their own account to the investor, if the investor loses money to close the position, the funds will be returned to the company, the more the investor loses money, the more traders and salesmen from the commission, this transaction is similar to gambling, through the companys internal operations, investors always lose more money and investors once the transaction, after the win intended to withdraw the funds is more Difficult, these companies will be a variety of excuses to shirk, it is understood that even if all the funds to close the position, the fastest 2 weeks in advance to make an appointment V. Savvy reminder Investment foreign exchange margin risk is very high Bank insiders reminded investors that foreign exchange margin business is very high risk, leverage can be magnified hundreds of times, before speculation in foreign exchange should consider their risk tolerance, if they can afford, can be personal 2% to 5% of the funds to If you do have investment needs, and have the appropriate foreign exchange knowledge reserves, you can directly to Hong Kong or other areas of formal companies to open an account, compared to some illegal companies in the country, the funds are more guaranteed In addition, speculation in foreign exchange needs to the bank to purchase foreign exchange, and withdrawal is more complex, if investors use the U.S. dollar to buy Australian dollars, Canadian dollars, etc., intend to withdraw, you need to see whether the bank It is understood that at present, in addition to the Bank of China foreign currency is more abundant, most banks foreign exchange cash currency is less, need to book in advance, even if the interbank remittance speed will be slower, and the fee is higher
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