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Foreign exchange market concept knowledge

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In the bestforexrebatecompanyternational rebatesforexbroker best forex rebate company fxrebatecentral to do speculation need to know yourself forexrebatecommission your enemy, know yourself is to understand yourself, know your enemy is to understand the foreign exchange market, the following will give you some conceptual knowledge of the foreign exchange market 1.  Foreign exchange market refers to the banks and other financial institutions, proprietary traders, large multinational enterprises involved, through intermediaries or telecommunications systems linked to a variety of currencies for the object of trading market it can be tangible - such as foreign exchange, can also be invisible - such as through the telecommunications system trading -such as through the telecommunications system trading interbank speculation foreign exchange according to the Bank for International Settlements latest statistics show that the cashback forex foreign exchange market daily average transaction volume of about 1.5 trillion U.S. dollars 2.  The participants in the foreign exchange market mainly include central banks, commercial banks, non-bank financial institutions, brokerage firms, proprietary traders and large multinational enterprises, etc. They trade frequently, the transaction amount is huge, each transaction are in the millions of dollars, or even more than ten million dollars speculative foreign exchange participants, according to the purpose of their transactions, can be divided into two categories of investors and speculators 3.  In the contemporary world economy, international economic trade is no country can leave the flow of goods, services and capital in the international, all kinds of payment and across national borders of the currency movement is inevitable international economic exchanges form the supply of foreign exchange and demand, the supply of foreign exchange and demand led to speculation in foreign exchange, and engaged in speculation in foreign exchange, known as the foreign exchange market with the global integration of the world economy The trend of the strengthening of the international foreign exchange market is also increasingly close together 4. What are the main global foreign exchange market?  At present, the worlds foreign exchange market has more than 30, the most important of which are London, New York, Tokyo, Singapore, Hong Kong, etc. Due to the different opening hours, different markets have different characteristics of the market trend, investors can choose the right time to enter the transaction