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Foreign exchange master example technical patterns constrain fundamentals

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Only when we st bestforexrebatecompany on the top of the mounta fxrebatecentral, in order to better see the way out of the forest trading best forex rebate company the same, when we are bent to the market inside, but can forexrebatecommission find the way out of the market, only when we continue to enhance their own height and dimension to see the essence of the market rebatesforexbroker clearly, out of the market recently many friends with their own trading system, please I help To be honest, I can only logically analyze the reasons why the system can not be profitable, but really to completely fix the system bugs or need to constantly review, summarize, test, and then cycle this process this really is not overnight can be solved, a system of review, less than the need for a month or two, more then it may take longer, and this still needs to be built on a correct understanding of the Many friends sent to the system, from the logic of the problem, is completely in the imagination of the market, the shape of the judgment, point control, risk avoidance are not able to do objectivity, specificity, rules are required to set dead, only the rules set dead in order to statistical system probability, the ability to profit so many friends of the system, I only did some of the surface answer, not after the perfect In fact, sometimes trading is like doing a math problem, there are only two answers, right and wrong, but the same math problem may have multiple solutions, the knowledgeable can get a simpler way to solve the problem, the general may be But as long as we answer within the framework of mathematical problems either will not, or are able to answer the answer, the difference may only be in the way different, but must be mathematical problems as a philosophical problem, when astronomy and geography, when the literary problems to deal with, that pit is certainly nonsense so the first trading no shortcut, the second trading profitability depends on whether to understand the market, the third trading Profitability depends on the height of thinking so today, the words mainly explain some understanding of the problem of trading reasoning, a sentence stressed many times, cashback forex form constraints fundamentals, fundamentals change technical form, fundamentals technical form the same, trend continuation many people do not seem to use, today on the real thing, take the plate to talk about this sentence, first of all, technical form constraints fundamentals this thing Later in turn to talk about the liberation of a model chart: trend up, in the price is at a high level, the fundamentals of the release of news, prompting a rapid downward rise in the plate, touching the technical surface below the trend support, the trend reversal to continue the upward trend, the best entry point trend pressure level above is the model chart, look at the actual plate, just to give a few examples, the actual plate can be found in many, today take the large cycle for example, because in the large cycle can effectively avoid some burr in fact, this type of example, the size of the cycle are applicable, relatively speaking, the large cycle is more stable but the small cycle is also used and also has a high success rate look at the dollar index, this is the daily chart November 9, 16 U.S. index touched the daily chart below the support, the successful rebound if there is no U.S. index technical form support, how the dollar go? May also fall, it is because of the existence of support below, the basic short-sheet force after high entry, the more the price leans down, the more short-sheet closing, because the funds for data trading are basically short term funds, the more lean down to close more, the stronger the reverse funds, so the more down the more dangerous, and below more than the basic closing of the reverse funds caused by the reverse, there are more technical form of entry funds, rising trend line Support, the previous downtrend line of the inner cut support, the common reaction of multiple shares of funds, the price will also how to fall will certainly be a rapid reversal, the U.S. refers to the November 9 election is a living example of an example is not enough, and then look at a gold, gold daily weekly are downward trend, the data led to the market rose, the fundamental inflow of funds to see where the target? Probably think about all understand, the next resistance, where the next resistance, is the weekly, daily downward trend pressure level then the price rise, above there will certainly be a lot of long single close out in this kind of two-way trading T + 0 market, close out the equivalent of reverse capital inflow, above there are fundamental reverse funds, more trend line short funds, gold down is also inevitable situation here said the U.S. election market situation, and then to Look at the previous big data, the British exit from the European Union look at the weekly chart of the British pound, is not the same thing price in the bottom, the exit from the European Union led to rise, rose after meeting technical resistance and quickly fell In fact, sometimes, the grasp of the plate, or to read more charts, more analysis, more review, more summary in the correct understanding of the review summary, conducive to the formation of positive thinking, review more trading will become conditioned reflexes, stress role, that is often said disc sense in fact here or sub-cycle processing, this type of model, not only adapted to the long term, swing, medium-term, short term is also applicable, like the daily level, concern about the Brexit, the general election, plus or minus four hours to focus on the data can not be these one-hour level more can not be judged with these large data like this kind of focus data is easy to break the four-hour, one-hour cycle, but from the low or high pull broken daily basically impossible the same example, to name but a few, if posted out of the estimated page can not be posted, just post a few more chart below for the Australian dollar four-hour chart history further back in time there are still many, small cycle to see, it is too numerous to mention so history is constantly repeating, and this kind of repeat is not only technical analysis, combined with technical and fundamental replay is more effective higher probability of replay This is an example of a situation, technical Form constraints fundamentals, then the plate as a whole, there are only the above three, technical form constraints fundamentals, fundamentals change technical form, fundamentals technical direction consistent, price continuation today on the technical form constraints fundamentals, the next time to explain the fundamentals change technical form fundamentals change technical form is the need for some conditions, the key time price to reach the key resistance before it is possible to break, from the group form Today I remembered something from school before I was a child, I remembered that before I went to high school that would, math learned very well, basically the teacher in the mock exams, to give others a paper, will give me three and I three done, most of one has not finished answering, like multiple choice questions, many answers after reading the question, you can judge ABCD, including the need to calculate some functions because of doing more questions, after reading the question can basically judge out, the root number under the few, this root number should be in the numerator or denominator, integer bits are a few, through these conditions can directly exclude the wrong answer others need to calculate, and I conditioned reflexes can come up with the answer, and the accuracy rate is extremely high, the reason why the conditioned reflexes, the only reason, the questions do too much, others three or four times here is not to brag about themselves, just want to say that trading is also, in the correct The understanding of the replay replay more, summary do more, naturally will form a conditioned reflex, which is also we often say the sense of the plate so again, more replay, more summary, and then test repeat repeat repeat, there are bound to be good results to spend the experience on learning, not hundreds of thousands of dollars on the account gains and losses, where only care about money business, are difficult to make a career