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Foreign exchange review the most terrible is not to lose money but to earn money from those unknown sources

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in th best forex rebate company forexrebatecommission, different forex traders will use different bestforexrebatecompany strategies to cashback forex a single, there is the use of k-line, there is the use of macd fxrebatecentral other indicators, there are dice and so on a variety of ways no matter how, making money is good according to the current data analysis, by the feeling that there is no trading system to do a single retail investors still account for a relatively large The proportion of then trading system has defects how to do? That I now tell you about the trading system review ideas in the foreign exchange market, there is a saying that profit and loss is the same source many people think is greedy, but I do rebatesforexbroker and think that greed is the main factor, more is a fluke and hope I think the right approach is not to hold any hope and fluke, more should be focused on the trading strategy, how to deal with unexpected situations? But for many newcomers, is not to have this condition out of the problem, then we have to find a way to solve the best solution should first be to review many people for the review of the word idea is that the review of the market is just to go through the market about once on the line, in fact, not so we should be todays profit and loss single to record down, the profit and loss of the single to go through the k line to reflect, I Why will make money, why will lose money? What are the flaws in the trading system? Time or indicators, etc. The most terrible is not to lose money, but to earn the money from unknown sources is like you are doing day trading, but to eat the daily level of the dish then good luck, steal to eat once or twice or can eat, but long-term down to eat bad stomach not to say, it is expected to spit back with interest There are many people lost money, they began to blame the sudden change in the trend of the picture, blame the market does not give, or blame the main force so That (learn forex forex trader never thought about the problem appeared on their own, if you did not do a single at the time, the market how to go and you an outsider have to do with it? Such a mentality, even if the positive profitability of the system copy in your mind, it is estimated that you can not make money I think loss and money, these are not important, review, do not go to check the market trend why this, but to check your approach, that is, your trading system check in the trend running, your manipulation of the manual method is not a problem, the next time how should improve? So the focus is not on your market this time, see how much right, or wrong, but how much money you make when you do right, when you do wrong, how to recover the loss to a minimum? I will never do after analysis, hindsight is too much why the market will be so down or up, that is analysts do things, want to know, you can look at the news a few days later because the k line has digested all the positive and negative news trading is not a difficult thing, do a single is a very simple thing, the mind first do not have preconceived ideas, wait until you want something to do as for the right or wrong The market to tell you not to subjectively judge the short and long, to the end and repeatedly make mistakes
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