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 A. What best forex rebate company foreign forexrebatecommission straight bestforexrebatecompany the world, the cashback forex.S. dollar is a very special kind of fxrebatecentral: the vast majority of transactions in the foreign exchange market involves the U.S. dollar, which is the global reserve currency; most agricultural rebatesforexbroker industrial commodities, such as oil are denominated in U.S. dollars; and the vast majority of international debt is also denominated in U.S. dollars; almost every countrys currency is quoted with The rate of the U.S. dollar is quoted as the basic exchange rate, and other exchange rates are derived by conversion The most fundamental reason for these situations is the main position of the U.S. economy in the world, the strong economic power of the U.S. and the extensive global trade, the core position of trade Therefore, the market in accordance with the presence or absence of U.S. dollar participation, the currency pairs are divided into straight and cross straight: due to the special characteristics of the U.S. dollar, the transactions of each currency against the U.S. dollar is called straight. The straight market bears the vast majority of the global foreign exchange market trading volume straight main currency pairs EUR/USD EUR/USD GBP/USD AUD/USD AUD/USD NZD/USD NZD/USD USD/JPY USD/JPY USD/JPY USD/CHF USD/CHF USD/CHF USD/CAD USD/CAD II, foreign exchange straight currency against the characteristics of the quotation analysis difficulty The US dollar as the basis of the foreign exchange market settlement currency, in straight trading, investors only need to analyze a single currency can be, but if it is trading foreign exchange cross, but also need to be two currency against the separate analysis and then integrated, more complex risk is relatively small foreign exchange straight appear unilateral market possibility is higher foreign exchange straight currency pair compared to the cross plate volatility is smaller, the risk is also much lower than the cross plate. And easy to appear unilateral market (unilateral market: unilateral up, or unilateral down a small oscillation is inevitable, but the general trend is always in one direction) interference factors lower foreign exchange straight plate by political and other factors interference is lower than the cross plate, for example, the Bank of Japan regularly intervene in the yen exchange rate, investors can find that when the central bank intervention, the cross plate fluctuations are significantly higher than the straight plate Volume, good circulation popular currency against the characteristics of the EUR/USD EUR characteristics: the overall historical trend is relatively smooth, the volume of transactions, and less human influence factors EUR and the U.S. dollar from a certain point of view is the inverse relationship, foreign exchange direct, the euro can basically be seen as the U.S. dollars rival currency, we investors can also refer to the euro to determine the strength of the U.S. dollar GBP/USD pound fluctuations are stronger, no The euro stability of the United Kingdom and the eurozone economy, politics is closely related, and the United Kingdom was an important member of the European Union, so the economic and political changes in the EU, the impact on the pound is very large AUD/USD we said earlier, the Australian dollar is a typical commodity currency commodity currency characteristics: high interest rates, currency exchange rates and a commodity such as crude oil gold prices move in the same direction, because Australia in coal, iron ore, copper, aluminum, wool and other industrial products and cotton. The Australian dollar is a high-interest currency, and the outlook for interest rates in the United States and the movement of Treasury yields, which reflect the outlook for interest rates, have a large impact on it 
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