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Foreign exchange this road more difficult than expected to be longer

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do rebatesforexbroker remember fxrebatecentral the end best forex rebate company the first few positions burst, trading more than two bestforexrebatecompany loss of 30, cashback forex yuan it 30,000 really not much but to save 30,000 or really difficult, especially for people with bad family conditions my dad is dead, Mom 55, looking at her aging face, in thinking about their career has not taken off the most sorry people is Mom work forexrebatecommission has 5 years No deposit, now also owes credit card 38,000, with a temporary line of 6,000 burst now can not pay on the thought of jumping many times, also want to sell a kidney (China is now selling kidneys on 40,000 is really a black) think most or for my silent pay so much mother want to go to jail, but for less than 40,000 to go to jail is really a joke, in doing credit card you do after jail, or have to pay back the money jail unintentional Choose to do foreign exchange margin are for profit to come, and is more greedy is because too greedy, too risky now let themselves carry a big heel confused ....... helpless ........ Usually very little contact with friends, plus these people have been mixed worse, not even 5,000 to borrow from the bank in the loan, but for several months did not work social security broke, was continuously rejected the capital chain broke, the rent can not afford to pay immediately faced with a credit card bill! Smoking! I smoked like crazy, a pack of continuous smoking, nasal cavity are tar, yellow ....... The most thought or sorry mom, cant just fall down to be honest graduate 5 years also one after another with the family took 20,000 dollars to spend is that resignation, resignation to mediocrity, resignation to poverty, want to run, but found themselves just learning to walk fell, fell this time fell very painful very painful 5 years others home days are booming, my home is still the old house is getting dilapidated, did not add any new furniture I think they are very waste, very waste remember the hare and tortoise race, the tortoise steadily won over the unstable hare play only want to tell the newcomers to this line, in fact, there is really a lot of road no need to choose this industry with a low success rate can not be low eventually you may not be rich overnight but constantly encounter crisis once I also think I am the lucky one percent, 5 years at the end found himself or very failure .... 30 years, I have only 4 years, even a girlfriend did not think back, they have gone a long way, now the university classmates some of them became the boss, some did the financial manager, some are the vice president of the bank, basically have a house, a car, a wife and children a night without sleep, a night and think a lot more crazy want the fastest speed to earn some money so on Baidu a certain place to recruit crew Treatment is quite high annual salary of 100,000 quite excited news, dry a year can pay back the money the sky does not fall must be a pie may also be a trap, the more anxious the more likely to make mistakes, the world is not such a good thing, the salary is so high also national recruitment and then search the original Shandong Weihai side of the recruitment of crew members are fraudulent, cheated countless Xingqing did not fall for, while the mood also fell road to a low! Out of the way! Where is the way out ....... Dialed the old mothers phone, this end of the phone and that end are crying ..... The road is difficult to turn back, few people lose money will choose to quit, but as long as there is money will come back, it is because there are countless such people obsessed with this, the market will always be active to continue to have fresh blood, but often after a few years you will find that you almost out of society, become an extreme geeks The market is a very important part of the market, but often after a few years you will find that you are almost out of the community, becoming an extreme geek, either with a lot of money or nothing, not even from a new step into this society, choose a position of a skill, 30-year-old people without work experience basically did not have to mix, so be careful to choose a career in professional trading (30 years old is a career planning watershed) foreign exchange, which is a speculative gambling industry, there are always too many illusions in the trading market, for example: every time after a blowout before re-entering the gold always thought They really can make money to find the secret, did not expect to lose a lot of money on this and debt this line of nothing secret, if there is; then it is also open, the opponent is their own, to overcome their own difficult? The difficulty in the long term, the face of the markets true true false false true truthfulness and sensibility, you can tell which is right and which is wrong? Do is the probability, play is gambling, the best trading skills is actually: wait, wait for the passage of time to find a suitable for their own trading quotes even if you have profitable skills in the near future, you must also maintain constant vigilance and a smooth state of mind, the financial industry is indeed a profitable industry, but also one of the highest risk in all industries Author: Zhiqiu
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