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Foreign exchange trading 5 years I came to talk about my trading techniques

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fxrebatecentral fact, speculation in foreign exchange best forex rebate company rebatesforexbroker much, there are only two, cashback forex many people finally died in the techniques like to challenge their own, I used to be this type, simple do not like, dedicated to like high complex, forexrebatecommission get out immediately began to test, but also reluctant to review the results bestforexrebatecompany be imagined some people are suitable to do a small profit and loss ratio, some people are suitable to do a large profit and loss ratio there are funds suitable to do small profit and loss ratio, there are funds suitable for doing a large profit and loss ratio first statement: I am not what the master, but the basic has been very difficult to lose, the probability of bursting the position than the possibility of the earth exploding is also small technique can also be said, but as mentioned above, everyone can afford the bottom line is different so the same technique does not apply to all or all types of funds which is the premise of my technique is the simplest trend retracement medium stop-gain type That is to say, the pursuit of a certain win rate on the basis of, but also give up a part of the high profit and loss ratio requirements of the same profit and loss ratio, pullback buy than breakthrough buy win rate to some of you can go to the statistics and slightly narrow the profit and loss ratio, can make the technique more stable Here the narrow does not mean to do a large stop loss small stop gain, but relative because everyone knows, take the rise, after a strong wave of pull-up, (of course, before there is broken), pullback, we are expected to do the trend itself (up space is larger), then the expected profit space is certainly not small, coupled with the relative increase in win rate, if on this basis the stop loss space instead requires some reduction, so that you can exchange the overall system of relative stability stability! This word is not stable profitability stability, but refers to "easy to control" which is excellent for our mindset, the most dangerous is not the market, but we find a bad control of the maneuver itself, even if the overall do down is profitable, you can not guarantee that you can carry out the end, right? The above is not so much a trading technique, but rather to control their own techniques to put forward such a concept on the one hand is in my personal body has been used down is effective, so share with you, on the other hand, I hope to find some resonance here about the review, in fact, closely related to the management of funds, I do not know if there is a predecessor mentioned before, or stressed that you create a system that suits you, is that you feel suitable for But is it really suitable for yourself? It is necessary to strictly review, after the review, you at least know: Oh! So my system had such a big loss! So based on your current amount of capital, leverage, trading volume, can you afford it? If not, then you either readjust the amount of capital, or adjust the details of the approach, or just give up novice really easy to play in the details, entangled in technical issues, entry problems in fact, these issues, are ultimately to be put into practice, the implementation of each subsequent transaction like others shouting single, others have his own can afford the risk, even if wrong, this time also within the plan, and you, you are in the Execute someone elses plan, or your own plan? Other people will not help you plan the author: 10101
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