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Foreign exchange trading masters are how to hone into

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best forex rebate company masters cashback forex how to hone into   trading performance rebatesforexbroker sometimes like a flying car in the clouds, sometimes climbing high, sometimes falling dramatically, always mixed with joy fxrebatecentral sorrow whether novice or veteran, often overlook the psychological elements of successful trading a inattentive, the market may disintegrate the investors psychology, ravaging the investors soul as long as the entry Trading, such experiences are inevitable, but investors forexrebatecommission learn how to cope with these situations, and even learn to profit from foreign exchange trading, which requires us to think carefully 1 only rely on themselves - when trading commodities, do bestforexrebatecompany want to rely on others, to achieve their own investors want to rely on people, may not be at all A successful trader of course there are exceptions, but the chances are few Only believe in yourself, you can do better  never blame others for your own failures, this is incredibly important No matter how far you have fallen, you must take full responsibility for your own decisions Only take responsibility for yourself, you can correct your mistakes, it is also possible not to Repeat mistakes 2 Focus on long-term goals - avoid adjusting your trading style based on short-term performance because in the short term, any trading style can be brilliant for a while, but the cumulative result over time can be terrible. If you judge a trading style by its short-term performance, you are likely to eliminate the best trading style and end up losing money 3 not self-centered - self-centeredness is the Achilles heel of top traders These examples are common, so dont be a victim of them Self-centered traders are unable to face losses They can barely afford to lose a few times in a row They can not afford to lose several times in a row, which leads them to often very short-term performance, to assess the good or bad trading style market did not immediately follow their own trading trend, then rush out of the market, is the same as the investment taboo 4 within the ability to trade - trading can not affect normal life if, regardless of profit or loss Investors are always emotional crash, do not enter the smooth because a moment of emotion is very easy to lead to a disastrous strategy and fallacious judgment  one of the most serious mistakes of foreign exchange investors is to take profits after the code increase this kind of thing is the worst, because after the joy, immediately after the Often it is a loss in the loss before the code, it will make the loss than the profit accelerated twice the amount of trading should be kept constant, after all, slow and steady, will be the ultimate winner 5 regardless of profit and loss, do not be emotional - trading is like playing golf each golfer has its own strengths and weaknesses, the results will be When the score is good, you feel like Tiger Woods, thinking youve found the knack of hitting the ball and wont hit into a sand trap or a pond unfortunately! The next time he found himself in a sand pit, shouting never to play again  In fact, the psychology of trading is the key to profit in these markets Only those investors who understand precisely these rules, and the psychology of the market and investors - especially their own psychology - can have a better chance of profit, and at the same time remain rational  nbsp; 
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