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Foreign exchange trading service providers of the top ten traps

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August 11 publ fxrebatecentralhed best forex rebate company the "underground speculation in forexrebatecommission cashback forex, the temptation to magnify a hundred times," tells a story: the citys residents Miss Liu (a pseudonym) had intended to spend 100,000 yuan to buy a Buick, rebatesforexbroker later in the foreign exchange agent Peng Liang (a pseudonym) encouraged to participate in margin foreign exchange trading in Shanghai Xunhui Investment Consulting Co. Ms. Liu in Macau Xies company account although the XUNHUI consulting does not allow the proxy, but Peng Liang still privately reached an agreement with Ms. Liu entrusted financial 4 months later, 100,000 yuan was lost to the penny  Recently, the XUNHUI consulting chairman Mr. Wu took the initiative to meet the author, willing to face the authors questions, and reveal those black sheep of all kinds of fishy, remind the public to pay attention to the irregular speculative companies of all kinds According to Mr. Wus conservative estimates, more than 70% of Shanghais speculative foreign exchange retail customers are losing money  I think this market is very messy Mr. Wu said that around 1992 because our government banned illegal speculation in foreign exchange and left the mainland market of this group of people, and now back to the operation of the method of changing the soup, plus the high-tech online trading, to customers to eat the amount of medicine more heavy only in Shanghai, such institutions In fact, they list the number of regulatory bodies commodity markets, futures exchanges simply do not care about foreign exchange margin trading even if they really list the institutions in charge, and there are a few The customer will specially inquire?   Some foreign visitors do not appear in the face of foreign companies, themselves hiding behind the scenes, find a relative or girlfriend to assume the legal person, 100,000 yuan to register a domestic consulting company Once something happens, the mastermind behind the scenes has long fled with the money left behind the legal person with both hands: no money  trap two wild recruitment agent, the circle of money to run  the more informal the company to the agent the higher the return Has been banned in Japan CTI company is a typical The company then even claimed that as long as the agent pulled a customer, the agent will be rewarded with a laptop or equivalent cash pulled enough customers, the company fled with the money Some companies entered the mainland, has long set aside such a back road, the money received enough to run away immediately, which is the active absconding type Some are misappropriated customer deposits squandered. The company has a lot of money to spend on the companys business. In fact, they will also sign a secret contract with the agent, promising to give the agent a certain point spread when also claiming up to 10 points of rebate and these are all out in the customers account when the customer finds something wrong, look back at the contract, and find that the company and the agent ‘may’share‘necessary’s point spread in English, may can be interpreted as both possible and can be understood as a word game to make it more difficult for customers to recover  trap four sign The agent will often encourage customers through various ways to entrust financial management, once in that as long as the signature of a name "proxy book" signed, the customer is the same as signing the deed of sale because the contract will certainly write the customer will be fully entrusted to the agent to operate the account, the customer will assume all responsibility for this regardless of the customers money was lost only a few cents, but also can only beat the teeth to swallow & nbsp nbsp; Trap five frequent in and out, earn commission  Miss Liu is likely to encounter such an agent Peng Liang in order to earn a certain commission per hand, often several times a day short term operation to see the wrong trend since not to mention, even to see a small surplus, after deducting a certain fee and interest, there are few left or even reverse victory for defeat  Trap six forged contracts, outbound money laundering  Trap six forged contracts, outbound money laundering nbsp; citizens generally want to purchase foreign exchange is limited some companies so-called RMB speculation, in fact, is to forge a purchase and sale contract, pretend to import goods from abroad, in fact, the money remitted abroad for exchange and then from abroad to foreign exchange into the corresponding account  trap seven complicity in knock-off, emptying the account  foreign exchange trading is originally a hedging market, there is a buy order there is a sell order some In fact, behind the appearance is likely to be the agent to find other conspirators to knock the customers single just feed to the conspirators low eat into, high sell those companies recruiting customers originally to bet against the customer  trap eight point spread slip, the name is not true  foreign exchange operations, a difference of one or two seconds will be The company will provide you with a statement of the point and the operation point may be slightly altered, unless you record every operation, and then compare with the statement one by one  , The difference  foreign exchange trading due to the existence of short selling operations, so there may be overnight interest expenses or income, so some companies will play the pretense of interest free to recruit customers when customers get the statement, but found that each day at the close of trading, the company will close all the single position, the next day and then re-open positions on the first day closing price and the next day opening price of the difference between positive and negative, a long time should not There is too much difference can be mysterious is that the foreign exchange market is not like the stock market, 15:00:00 every day on time to close the market, but 24 hours a day market so the company will always choose to close the position at an appropriate time, is 15:01:01, or 15:03:21, the mystery of which only the company knows  trap ten virtual bill, all without operation  This is the most insidious trick The company or agent to develop customers, not intended to operate, they provide a platform, just to print fake statements to customers to see whether the market rose or fell, their judgment is always wrong plus commissions, interest or something, and then tell customers, sorry, your account lost in fact, the margin is still lying comfortably in the companys account, not moved
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