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The fxrebatecentrale are three easiest best forex rebate company most effective ways to learn: the first rebatesforexbroker: learn forexrebatecommissiong from the former must develop a large number of reading habits to read books, magazines, on the Internet to find out the correct information you should get to make good use of a variety of modern tools to learn from the former various books and magazines, audio and video materials, which are a concise summary of the experience and wisdom of the former second way: learning from practice in life, work, learning by doing Learning is bestforexrebatecompany the purpose, learning and practice should be a perfect combination, forbidden ideas to drive ideas, to use ideas to drive action, you cashback forex change yourself, change life, change life, to achieve your hopes and dreams of life third way: directly to the "successful" learning in three ways of learning, the most direct and effective is this way and A few hours of effective consultation and communication with successful people can shorten your life by 10 years, 20 years, or even a lifetime of hard work Today I want to learn from "you", tomorrow you want to learn from "him", from all the "successful people" in the world. Successful people" to learn and those who are successful are not necessarily rich, status, today is prominent, the biggest difference between the successful and the losers is: the successful never complain negatively! And the loser is because he complains negatively, so he will never be successful! Therefore, we need to keep company with those who have a positive mindset, who have fallen 100 times in life and stood up again 101 times! With those who have strong willpower and strong belief in winning, we will surely create glory too! The above are the three basic ways of learning how we should learn, the second advice to everyone: is the "successful" for the three ways I talked about the role of successful people, my teacher said: "What kind of books you read today, what kind of film and television materials, in what kind of environment work He also said: "The kind of people you give your time to today, the kind of people you will eventually become!" So: we must work with the winners of life and business and they are to master a certain way of the first way: you first work for those "successful people" the second way and "successful people" cooperation, in the work of learning from him you master You master the methods and patterns of success of "successful people", you will become a "successful person", and then you will work with "successful people" the worlds largest " successful person" is to make the successful person work for him! Each of us, spare time is a lot, do not waste it to develop a lifelong learning plan for yourself, into the social learning classroom, you will harvest knowledge, harvest the ability to harvest a good life, harvest a happy life third how to learn, the advice to everyone is to maintain three mindset: the first is the mindset of zero no matter how successful you have been in the past, in the past career to reach what kind of "peak", you want to reach another "peak" in the new century, "please remember: do not hope to take shortcuts, want to pull a "wire rope" here to slide over, this road does not work! The simplest and most effective way is: in this "peak" down the mountain, and then go up the mountain the more empty the cup, you can inject more successful water, the drier the sponge, you can absorb more nutrients to zero, is a way of thinking for our future learning always keep humble, cautious, zero mentality, we can get more knowledge, to bring greater gains. The second is: there must be an investment mindset books, tapes, film and television materials, those good books; flashing the light of wisdom, the former, the great philosophers of todays books, the book of the successful, those who can shock the heart, open up ideas, and training for their own, including good training in society, every day to desperately accept and accept is to pay the price! You have to invest your money, your time some friends say: "I have no money" if you buy a book more than 20 dollars, you feel no money, I must tell you: "you poor to have to change the time" if you think about it calmly: peoples lives are for A few dozen dollars a few hundred dollars when the worry, is not in this society can no longer poor? There is such a sentence, to such people: "cure poor first brain" you only so poor for decades, is "this thing" too poor (refers to the mind) There are people who say: study no money, to the community "charge "No money you play mahjong a night lost a few hundred dollars, you have money! Study no money, you have nothing to go to the mall, buy clothes, one after another, go out and say less a suitable piece of clothing, you have money! Many people say no money, eat here and there all day long, eat yourself out of various diseases, and then spend money on medicine, you have money! Hungry their brains like a small bird brain so small, you do not want to feed it a bite! A lot of bosses say: study no money but eat a meal hundreds, thousands of dollars my teacher often said: "people to the head to inject ten dollars and a thousand dollars of knowledge, the future return is not the same" in the 21st century, we want to better survival and development, we must rely on the "neck above the ingredients "To invest in the brain, the return is the highest; the return is one thousand, one hundred thousand, one hundred percent of countless times! The purpose of our study, not for the idea to drive the idea, but more importantly, the idea to drive action with new knowledge to guide their actions, will bring new changes to our work, career, family, life, in the future learning, we must first adjust the positive mindset of peoples career success and failure, is your mindset to determine the positive mindset, prompting you must go to success, while the negative mindset that will definitely push you to failure! When your mindset is adjusted, go into action and start hitting a small target first, then hit the second small target, the middle target, the big target at this point, you will be full of power again, when you are full of power, you can not suppress your light! Your change will lead to changes in the people around you, and your success will lead more people to success Lets use an open mind to deal with this information age Lets open our minds, open our hearts, open our relationships My teacher said: "The bigger you are open, the bigger you have the world; how big your heart is, how big your career is; how big your dreams are How big; how big your dream is, how big your achievement is!" People, must have their own dreams in order to achieve your dreams, must establish short, medium and long-term goals in life, you will be able to achieve your dreams people, to overcome difficulties, setbacks, to meet the pressure of the biggest support, is your dream and who will help you to stimulate the dream in the mind? There is a word, this word is so important! Who knows what this word is? What is the word? Its "Love!" Many people who answer correctly have less and less courage to overcome difficulties and less and less ability to overcome setbacks over the years because they have lost "love". Because: you have closed yourself, you do not want to love the people around you; you do not want to love your place; your unit; you do not want to love this challenging and passionate world with unlimited development space! You see what is "gray", life gives you back is "gray"; you see the world is "bright", life gives you back is "You want others to treat you how you want to be treated, first learn how to treat others; you want the world to give you what, you must first give the world something! So say: Learn! Be open! Work hard! The reward is sooner or later there is a contribution, there is an input, there must be a harvest believe: this is the cause and effect! This is the cause and effect! You say: I have given so much! Why hasnt it brought a good return? Remember: just a little bit short of the last, give another day, you will get tomorrow and give another day, did not get, Ill tell you: "It makes you wait another day, and then give you a double return!" There is an American poet named "Longfellow" who wrote a poem called "The Rite of Life", and its fantastic! At the end of the poem he says: "What does it mean to live? In ancient Greek mythology, the beautiful Pandora came to earth with a box of gifts from Zeus and other bad mountain gods, Prometheus "Tell people:" Do not open the Pandora magic box, all the bad things inside will run out "However, people still out of curiosity, on the "bang However, people still out of curiosity, "bang" to open it inside war, hunger, jealousy, hatred, disaster, disease, etc., all the bad things, all run to the world people rushed to cover the magic box, the box finally left the same thing inside ---- hope! "The last thing left in Pandoras box is hope! Is the dream! If a person does not even have the courage to dream, you do not believe that your tomorrow will be better than today, your life will not have a positive change to adjust your positive mindset, it will not only help your life, career, life; help your relationships, your health and everything will help! Be sure to commit! Commit! To be invested will give, and in the study of the investment is not invested in others but one thing: if you only have a share of money today, is it to buy clothes? Buy cosmetics? Or buy study? Buy learning, all in your brain, buy clothes, cosmetics you can enjoy yourself, but, more for others to see from a selfish point of view: you have a point of investment, are first invested in your brain, it is your life war group command, do not maintain your command, you will definitely fail in the war of life to maintain your brain, willing to invest for it, this is the future Peoples survival, development, and the first step towards wealthy people this life, there are things can be sorry, do not be sorry for your mind and heart these two things are too important! In this world, some people can not have hands or feet, but not without an active, healthy, full of wisdom of the brain! So say: love it, life is punishing us because: these decades we are too sorry for it the third mentality of future learning: is to have a lasting mentality do not think that after reading a few books, listening to a few tapes, attending a few learning training, your life will immediately change, not possible, this is a continuous effort to the results you should read at least one hour a day, listen to an audio tape And to exercise your speed of receiving information a year down; can read 50 to 100 good books, listen to, watch hundreds of tapes and VCDs three years later, you then look around you those who never read "serious eight hundred good books", by then, you will definitely win them! Read, study, and work hard! We must have a lasting mentality, day by day, learning is the process of growth, maturity, success These are the three mentality of our learning to say here, to inform you of a message: our society, the future to establish all levels of learning organizations, the need for the new economic era have vision, ambition, faith, knowledge of modern talent todays society, for us to open up unlimited space for development wish We each continue to study hard, first of all, to become a professional "expert", and secondly, to obtain the certificate of professional talent issued by the state, and then to influence and drive more people through learning, improve the quality of life, improve the quality of the nation, strong our nation, strong our country, shock the world!   
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