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Forex trading tips

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Make good use of financial budget, bestforexrebatecompany fxrebatecentralef="">rebatesforexbroker use the necessary funds for capital Do not use your life funds for best forex rebate company capital, the financial pressure will m forexrebatecommissionlead your investment strategy, increasing the risk of trading, cashback forex lead to greater mistakes Make good use of free demo accounts, learn forex trading beginners to learn patiently, step by step, do not rush to open a real trading account can first try a demo account, in the demo trading learning process In the learning process of demo trading, your main goal is to develop a personal operating strategy and style, when your profitability is increasing, the monthly profit amount is gradually rising, which means you can open a real trading account for forex trading Note that to do demo trading with the mentality of real trading, the faster you enter the situation, the faster you can develop the appropriate skills that can be applied to real trading. The reason why you need to treat demo trading as real trading is because the skills you develop are the ones that will make your trading successful. If you dont have a fixed trading style, your profits are likely to be random, i.e., you cant rely on luck for long or one day you will have the same losses. Reduce risk when you do trade should establish a tolerable range of losses, make good use of stop-loss trading, in order not to appear huge losses, loss range according to the account capital situation in case of a stop-loss also do not euphoria, because you have removed the market continues to turn bad, the risk of infinite expansion of losses should be measured according to the amount of account trading volume, do not overtrade in general, each transaction risk should not exceed 10% of the account capital According to this rule, you can effectively control the risk, it is not wise to trade too much at once, it is easy to generate uncontrolled losses Learn to thoroughly implement the trading strategy, do not find excuses to reverse the original decision To avoid this fatal error, it is necessary to remember a simple rule - do not let the risk exceed the original set tolerable range, once the loss has reached the original set limit, do not hesitate to Close your position immediately! The smaller the trading account, the greater the trading risk, so avoid making a trading account with only 50 pips fluctuation level, such an account amount is not allowed to make a mistake, but even experienced Forex traders have errors of judgment sometimes mistakes are inevitable, remember the lesson, do not repeat the mistakes and losses are inevitable, do not blame yourself, the important thing is to remember from it! The sooner you learn to accept losses and remember lessons, the sooner the day of profit will come. In addition, learn to control your emotions, dont be proud of the money you made, and dont be frustrated by the losses. When you understand the reason for each loss, it means that you are one step closer to profit, because you have found the right direction. The biggest enemy of a trader is himself - greed, impatience, out-of-control emotions, lack of defensiveness, excessive ego, etc. It is easy to ignore market trends and lead to wrong trading decisions. If the trade is a profitable one, it means that your analysis is correct and when similar or the same factors appear again, your trading record will help you to make the right trading decision quickly; of course the record of losing trades will help you to avoid making the same mistakes again. You cant keep all your trading experience in your mind, so this record will help you improve your trading skills and find out where you went wrong by operating with the trend, not against it. In the face of a sudden market reversal, instead of closing your position in the absence of a profit, do not let the original profitable position become a loss Do not have a trading mentality that is eager to turn around In the face of a loss, remember not to rush to open a new position in the reverse in an attempt to turn around, which often only makes the situation worse Only in the event that you believe that the original forecast and decision is completely wrong, you can close the losing position as soon as possible and then open a new position in the reverse Do not play the guessing game with market changes Its better to miss a trading opportunity than to incur a loss.