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Forex Ultimate Profit Model

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Play gold has been 5 years, experienced countless s rebatesforexbrokerking, has seen through the gold market, forexrebatecommission did best forex rebate company expect that I paid so much in the gold market before getting started, think back then speculation fxrebatecentral also 5-6 years after reaching a sweep to filter out the realm of bull stocks, speculation let me earn more than 50% a year is very easy to do, but speculation technology on my gold manipulation did not provide a little help. This is something I did not expect! I often chat with friends who speculate in foreign exchange bestforexrebatecompany find that we are still struggling with losses, so I want to provide you with the profit model I have learned so that we do not lose money in the future First of all, I would like to introduce my recent situation, I earned 250,000 yuan in January, took out 70,000 yuan to some of my friends who lost money in the previous agent trading compensation would have liked to take out the profit in March to compensate for all, and then in May began to mention Laptop travel around the country and neighboring countries, daytime travel and night trading, after solving the average daily cost of 2,000 yuan per month there are still 100,000 yuan profit but because of the unsatisfactory performance in February temporarily delayed this plan recently I summarized the ultimate profit model for your reference 1) the core secret of speculation lies in the profit and loss ratio, anything else is all secondary 2) to give up the idea of windfall profits, windfall profits can not be met (3) position should generally be less than 1/204) super short only for people with a very good mindset, that is, already have a huge amount of property to trade only as entertainment, occasionally see a good opportunity to make a small profit away from people whether light super short or heavy super short are not suitable for the vast majority of people, no matter how good your skills, because the profit-loss ratio is not cost-effective and can not overcome human weaknesses I once had (With 300 U.S. dollars in 3 months to earn 70,000 U.S. dollars in the war, but also in more than a weeks time in 50 consecutive transactions all profitable war, you can imagine what my super short term technology is the level, but ultimately did not escape the fate of the burst position we should give up super short 5) to master the meat cutting technology, meat cutting technology is 100 times more important than profit technology when you use 1/20 position after the single hedge 3-5 When the market runs to a key position, but the single words may temporarily trap 10 U.S. dollars space and there is a great hope to profit more than 20 U.S. dollars should be under 1/40 position, and then trap 10 U.S. dollars after filling 1/40 position, if then trap 5 U.S. dollars immediately cut 6) according to the characteristics of gold each single should be aimed at 2-3 days of the band, so as to ensure sufficient profit and loss ratio If you make a loss of more than 10%, you can do the right one to get back all the losses and profits if you lose a good deal of money after you use the method of aggravating the position to get back the losses instead of using the method of eating enough space, then you will be finished sooner or later In short, the profit-loss ratio is the most important, that is, each time you should aim at least $10 more space, to often eat $20-40 space, so as to long-term stable profits. Any other method can not let you profit, will only let you keep losing money, and then year by year old, the body is slowly screwed up! One more thing, not every time you do more than $10 swing, if the market can not judge the big swing, then you can also do super-short, which is the best way for people with particularly good technology is not to do super-short regardless of your technology, each time only aiming at more than $10, which requires some days simply can not operate, may be several days under a single, which is the most ideal manipulation I have not implemented this standard, yesterday did a lot of super short, so do in fact very bad, I just rely on their skills did not waste the opportunity to make money, and then try to avoid such a small fight author: God of Gambling Money