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From 20000 to hundreds of millions --- futures short term king of the lonely speculation single years

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foreign exchange life speculation s forexrebatecommissiongle days, fxrebatecentralhing much feeling, confused, every day to do transactions, feel very full, time flies, very nervous, very exciting, cashback forex also very fun to watch their own volume day by day expansion, the amount of money day by day growth, quite interesting then suddenly one day, found themselves not want to speculate, can not do, short term rebatesforexbrokerf no one tells us, we will not associate th best forex rebate company person with the title of "short term king" forty years old, tall, dressed in a low profile, talking very politely, but his handsome face exudes a confidence that is difficult to hide. He is He Jun, one of the most legendary figures in the futures market in nearly two decades, he relied on his own struggle, starting from 20,000 yuan, the capital grew to hundreds of millions of dollars, and used his success to lead the rise of a bestforexrebatecompany model on the road to futures investment reporter: we are always interested in the personal experience of successful people, can you first introduce how you entered the futures market? He Jun: After graduating from college, I was assigned to the Zhengzhou Post and Telecommunications Design Institute at the time because a relative of a college classmate was doing futures, I felt that the industry can make money, I also began to try not long after, in October 1995, I left the unit, began full-time futures career reporter: how much money you were taking into the futures market? He Jun: At that time because just work, there is no savings at that time is their own money out of some, and borrowed some, a total of 16,000 yuan, and began to do I am an idle person, so the beginning of the choice of short term trading at that time the trading model and now is not quite the same, is to place orders by phone everyone sitting in a room, there is a single order clerk, you tell him the quote, he went down to the field, the order clerk knocking orders customers can see the market. The order taker knock single customer can see the trading interface, but also see the return on the transaction, but can not place their own orders Reporter: At the beginning of your trading situation how? He Jun: very bad, one or two days lost 6000 yuan at the time a full position in, and then back and forth to cut positions, losses quickly, but this also let me after the transaction became cautious this 10,000 yuan account has not been too much improvement, and finally to dissolve after the end, a friend introduced me to a 50,000 yuan customers, mainly to do Zhengzhou green beans, due to the high commission at the time, and I am short term trading. Although the actual trading loss is not much, but the principal in the erosion of the commission constantly reduced in the principal left more than 30,000 yuan, the customer chose to withdraw, this operation is also over Reporter: from when you began to enter a profitable state? He Jun: after the withdrawal of the last customer, I have a good relationship with a colleague took the initiative to lend me 20,000 yuan, that was all his savings at the time from the operation of that money, I have not lost overall careful calculation, from October 1995 I quit my job, to the New Year in 1996, I have been able to trade to support themselves, each month can earn a few thousand to 10,000 yuan although money, but at that time is still very cautious The, insist on two lots two lots trading (at that time the minimum unit of order is two lots, if it is a single hand, certainly a single hand to do), has insisted on a year to the end of 1996, my capital grew from 20,000 yuan to more than 300,000 yuan to 1998 has been a few million yuan later, their own brokerage companies gradually have a reputation, because at that time, although many people rely on a variety of news can also earn money, but really rely on They rolled from small to large customers few short term trading secrets reporter: many people in the market called you "short term king", can reveal the short term trading secrets? He Jun: there is no so-called secret, I can use the first two years of sugar as an example, tell how I do the white sugar market in all parties are more sensitive to the power, which makes the sugar market is more active before trading, I generally look at the K chart, first look at the 5-minute chart, and then look at the daily chart, to determine the probability of the day up or down, for example, I judge the probability of the day up, in the price of sugar is in the rise of the critical point When I will start to try to place some buy orders, take the initiative to push up the price when the price breaks this resistance level, often triggering many followers, continue to push the price up in this case, observe, if the price continues to rise, you can hold more for a period of time, and so feel that the market is not moving gradually close positions, or feel that the profit target, you can also close positions such as resistance breakthrough, followers of the force is not Very strong, did not appear to buy the emergence of the situation, which often means that you do wrong, you must run quickly, while we have not yet reacted to immediately cut positions out of the field I am talking about the practice of having a certain size of capital, in essence, there is a guide to the operation but the basic premise is that you have to have a judgment, and advance orders, than those who wait for the breakthrough after the early step because I think I can push the price breakthrough this key point If I did not push, that I was wrong, we must immediately leave the small capital, my operation is also waiting for the breakthrough to follow the operation, it is easy to get in and out but after the size of a large, must have some judgment and try, because after the capital is large, easy to enter the field, it is very difficult to exit the field large capital to bear the risk of large capital, for example, I think a price key point is about to be penetrated, will quickly dive, on the next A lot of sell orders but, the market and I think different, although I put the price down, but no volume, no one chasing a single, and so I want to close, the above sell orders are empty, no opponent, the lack of liquidity, so maybe I have half of the single cut in the highest level, the spring market in the day trading is precisely because of the fear of this situation, the speculator will only participate in the most active species in general This short term trading method is less risky and more profitable Reporter: In the eyes of the speculator, there is a difference between the various species? If there is no difference, is it possible to find investment opportunities in more than one species at the same time? He Jun: For me, all varieties of speculators are the same, just a code but the same day it is best to do only one variety, because the characteristics of each variety is different, you need to adapt to adapt to a variety, after changing a thing, you will not necessarily be able to make money as a speculator, you can make money, to a large extent is that you are more familiar with the characteristics of a variety than others, not just you know it to go up or down, you have to Learn to read the details of the differences between different varieties of reporters: short term trading when you use the most money is how much? He Jun: the most time in about 20 million yuan, I have not seriously calculated a lot of times, I will leave more than 20 million yuan of funds in the account, but rarely run out, because it can not be done with the reporter: it is said that the week as a unit of calculation, you have achieved 17 consecutive years of profit, is this true? He Jun: I have never actually counted myself, I can only say that since 1996 my trading is generally smooth, making money very smooth, no big losses, assets have been in a growing state I think the number of consecutive weeks without loss is not very meaningful, not that no loss of money must earn a lot of money some people lose all year long, only twice, can also earn a lot of money speculators practice reporter: do you think the excellent speculators can be trained out? He Jun: for this I have tried, their own money, effort to do speculator training, but the actual effect is very poor, almost none of them can continue to profit a lot of I think very simple reasoning, told many times, they can not do finally my attempts to end in failure of course, I did not succeed, does not mean that others can not succeed, perhaps my professor method has a problem reporter: you think become a speculator Is it natural talent or is it just an acquired taste? He Jun: I think it has a lot to do with character, speculators actually have a lot of kinds, but also can make money, but some people can only make ends meet, while some people make a profit of hundreds of thousands of dollars a month, and some people make millions of dollars I think a person as long as honest, honest, dedicated, good enough health, can keep focused, do not think, can make money through speculation single, but in the end can reach which level, depending on the talent that is to say The companys business is not difficult to achieve profitability, see the opportunity, seize the opportunity, you can make money, but, talent determines the level of profitability, such as "plate sense" two words, easier said than done, it is not easy to do if forced to enhance their level, but may bring the opposite effect memorable trading events reporter: past trading career, which is the most impressive trading. What is the most impressive transaction in your past trading career? He Jun: for short term traders, profit is the accumulation of small amounts, every day with the same work, earn a little every day, there is no too deep impression of each transaction, if I must say impression, is the most money lost in 1996, I bought in Zhengzhou green beans when there was a dip, I thought it would be the same as in the past, take the opportunity to rebound in the plate profit out of the field, but that day the plate until the closing did not I thought it would be the same as before, taking advantage of the intraday rally to profit out of the market, but that day the market did not open until the end of the day, my single was also sealed that day was a weekend, and the next Monday I cut the position out of the field, a loss of more than 100,000 yuan, and I then all the funds of more than one million yuan that loss let me experience the pain of the bone, but also let me in the future of the transaction did not appear in such a large proportion of the loss of the road to transformation reporter: Are you still continuing to trade futures, using what kind of trading model? He Jun: I have not speculated for more than a year, but have not left the futures market, but still intermittently do some trading, but this has become more of an entertainment for me, to pass some time reporter: that is, you still do trading, but will it be completely as a pastime? He Jun: can not say so, although it is to pass the time, but I still take each of their own transactions very seriously no matter how, trading is an energy-consuming activity, to make money, you must be attentive, focus on doing, if not, certainly not earn money Reporter: Is it possible to say that you have completed the transformation of the speculator? He Jun: With age and gradually declining energy, I was originally considering the transition in 2010, the domestic futures market trading rules adjustment, the cost of intraday trading increased significantly, more so I made up my mind to quit short term trading In fact, before that I had been trying to arbitrage trading, from 2010 I will be completely converted to trading focus compared to intraday short term trading, arbitrage to take up a larger amount of capital, but relatively less volatile, do not always have to be. But the relative volatility is smaller, do not have to keep an eye on the position reporter: you do is strictly the same species arbitrage trading? He Jun: mainly strict cross-month arbitrage, cross-variety hedging is sometimes done, but not a lot of operation cycle is sometimes a month, sometimes a few days, the key is to grasp the rhythm of the market Reporter: What is your entry basis when doing arbitrage trading? He Jun: I mainly look at the graph, buy the probability of rising, sell the probability of falling, or look at the law of the spread reporter: your arbitrage will set a stop-loss point, how to determine the exit point? He Jun: I think the stop loss is more important for arbitrage trading I am thinking of a good stop-loss point before opening a position into the field if the loss immediately cut positions, as for when to exit after the profit, it is a lot more flexible, depending on the situation arbitrage trading certainly not short term trading high profitability, but is my current favorite trading rhythm look back on the trading career reporter: how do you see your "speculator years "? He Jun: now look back, in fact, there is not much feeling, confused, every day to do transactions, feel very full, time flies, very intense, very exciting, but also very fun, quite interesting watching their own volume day by day expansion, the amount of money day by day growth, quite interesting then suddenly one day, found themselves not want to speculate, can not do, short term career suddenly ended, also quite interesting a period of The years are so over, maybe never to speculate single reporter: how do you see the future development of the domestic futures market? He Jun: The development of the domestic futures market has just begun, the future will be more red-hot, the future trading volume will be amazingly large with the adjustment of the market structure, after the short term to make money will be more and more difficult but I also do not think that large institutions can necessarily make money, scale is often a disadvantage and the larger the capital, the higher the cost of entry and exit, so the smaller the capital, the easier to earn a more critical point, institutions take other peoples money to do, certainly The most important point is that the institution cant compare with those who take their own money. Of course, there are definitely winners in large institutions, but its just a probability event, not an inevitable one. He Jun: Dont do this market if you can do without futures The biggest feature of this market is that it wears out ones interest and joy of life This thing is so exciting that it can arouse all the blood in your heart and can make a normal person abnormal - there is only trading left in life, nothing but trading, hoping to open the market immediately the next day, especially If you participate in the foreign exchange, even sleep do not want to this thing is too torturous this is my own deepest experience if you must enter this market, you must have a good mind if making money is your luck, that you happen to be suitable for this market; if you lose money, it is also normal, after all, this is not a general market more than ten years of futures career, I basically do not have any hobbies, only trading However, I do not regret I would like to remind newcomers that you are not necessarily as lucky as I am to make money in my investment career, I have seen many people who did not make money, mixed very badly, do not want to do anything, and spend every day on this people should understand that your money is taken out of other peoples pockets, and you are likely to be the one who is taking out money
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