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From short term trading to trend trading say this process of perception

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a very good futures article, recommended to all of you to bestforexrebatecompany forex trad fxrebatecentralg friends, although the article best forex rebate company about futures, but the concept of operation forexrebatecommission forex trading is similar rebatesforexbroker have been doing ultra-short term trading in the past, frequent in and out every day, but recently for some time, I have been trying to change their style, to do a long term cashback forex Traders, after half a year of trend trading, I short term trading and trend trading from my own actual operation to do the following summary, I hope you also see how I am transformed, right and wrong please open your heart to comment in fact, to put it bluntly is very simple, short term is fast in and fast out, see the profit on the go, today to do todays work, how tomorrow has nothing to do with me, the benefits of this method in with, there is no risk of holding a position forever The profit is real. The night can sleep with no worries, keep a cool head but the disadvantages of this method is particularly large, after all, the parameters of the market trading is a human being and not a god, is a human being must have human weaknesses exist – greed, a simple hypothesis, 3000 buy beans, the scheduled target to reach 3015 – 3020 between, and soon the time to the stop-win level, Throw? Not to throw? After throwing again up whether to chase? After the set whether to cut to do a backhand? The backhand does not work whether to cut again? As long as you do the wrong 2 rounds. The whole day mentality is all gone, may directly lead to the whole day and even the loss of the week within a day of 4 hours must do a strong struggle with their own psychology so my understanding of the day short term trading is to do smooth how all smooth, 6% a day can do, do not go smooth anything can happen, in fact, the risk ratio is also very large long term trend trading, the first must have a reasonable deployment, can become Know your enemy, a hundred battles, the operation of a single as a battle to fight, the success of a battle or not, the important thing is the pre-war deployment and war strain, so the reasonable deployment can be said to be half of the success here I think the reasonable deployment contains a lot: 1 capital management 2 trend point of the critical point of grasp 3 war in the management of the floating win war strain including: 1 sudden nature of the fundamental changes – Recently rarely seen, to the policy intervention of the maximum 2 floating win capital reasonable allocation of the first step, capital management, first of all a good capital management can ensure my market viability, human survival is the most critical only alive to have the next trading success, or people are dead which comes next? I am a pure technical trader myself, everything according to the signal, an indicator of the simplest penetration and penetration, has been the trend between the time protection of my money management is, in 5 minutes when the critical point (high penetration, low penetration) to start the operation of the principal belonging to the species of the *% part of the 50%-60% may be the 50%-60% of the funds someone see a little position heavy, this I to not want someone to follow suit, because I have a great grasp of my own technology to grasp the trend critical point or a great deal of certainty, success rate of more than 95%, so technically can support me under 50% – 60% of the position this is the first step, the second step in capital management, the trend critical point of grasp my buy point is the 5-minute signal, if it is a downtrend, then the 15-minute signal is definitely in the following That is, it will not produce a penetration, because the 15-minute signal is composed of N 5 minutes this time to manage the 15-minute trend, keep an eye on the 15 minutes whether there is a penetration, such as penetration, it can be called a definite trend that will keep the single, because at this time, your 5 minutes has become the perfect bottom position, at least 15 minutes than the 15 minutes on the penetration of 15 – 20% of profits but if the 5 minutes down, 15 minutes on the penetration, then continue to do a single according to the direction of the 15-minute trend, that is, the continuation of the 15-minute direction, with a 5-minute signal to do the opposite, this is if the 15 minutes is empty, then you are still holding the empty single vernacular a large ton, to say something simple 5 minutes is the buy signal, not reverse 15 minutes to do the opening signal 3 floating win management, this I think is the most critical, because the human weakness of the The existence of, when the account of the floating win may do doubling, or even more than doubling, how to use? The first thing I would like to say is a story about a mountain climber who wants to climb a very high mountain, note that it is very high, which has a temperature difference. Before climbing, he must put on a lot of clothes to cope with the cold air at the top! In the process of climbing, because it is in motion, he may sweat a lot, which is Hou people will be hot, whether to take off clothes at the top of the mountain and put them on again? If he takes off his clothes at this point, then to the top of the mountain he is destined to regret – because the first to freeze to death is the first to take off clothes to say this story is to say that suppose to do more, 3000 to buy the beans, go to the 3300, whether to use 300 points of floating profits to increase positions? My actual operation is not to add, thought to add positions means that gradually take off the protection of the floating win, the higher the price goes the greater the risk, the less protection, the greater the chances of death which is connected to my above heavy bottom position because climbing mountains, climbing to the top of the mountain, I always wear the clothes I wear at the bottom of the mountain I will not be cold!!! That floating win just how to operate? My understanding is – do the day short, do a wave, set yourself a target level, the whole day on 5 points or 10 points I will generally choose to turn the floating win into actual winnings, will not add positions, especially not aggravate the position first floating win pocket for peace, and then judge the situation, if you think the trend will continue upward, when the market back down to a certain price level, I will then build a new position, this practice is if The trend is consistent with the judgment, then with the additional position phase … … in fact, the key issue here is that the situation is not imagined so well grasped, especially in the main wave, often the market is a go, so it is not good to re-entry after the field for the floating profit, in fact, everyones operating methods are different, some people use the inverted pyramid method of adding positions to expand profits, some people Some people use the inverted pyramid method to expand profits, some people use the first bag to ensure profits, as you said, and some people move up to stop profit to maximize profits, in short, the benevolent, the wise, depending on the individual operating cycle and operating practices, of course, the only rule to follow is never to add positions to make the profit positions held by the loss
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