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From the dumb as a chicken this allusion thought of forex trading system insight!

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Before always heard best forex rebate company the fxrebatecentraldustry veterans will be the bestforexrebatecompany impressive performance attributed to "d rebatesforexbrokerk sense", but also heard that some internationally renowned investment bank ace trader manual drawing, cashback forex whats more, some traders do not even look at the chart, completely by the feeling of the order at that time think these words sound like a fantasy, can not help but remind people "Follow the feeling, hold on to the hand of the dream" but, now, in this fickle market after a few years, I actually found myself also began to believe in the "feeling" of this untouchable, invisible things to think back on their own years of experience in trading The perception stage is a stage of perceptual understanding, from knowing nothing to knowing a little. At that time, I had no insight into the market and seemed to think that other peoples analysis was the truth, that is, the so-called "trust others "stage later as their experience of this market deepened, began to question the views of others and gradually formed some of their own views as the so-called "not broken, not established", from questioning the views of others, to refining their own views, and then surprisingly developed to "only believe The first leap from the emotional to the rational has been made, and practice is the only criterion for testing the truth. However, just as there is no ultimate truth in this world, after a period of time, you will find that any trading forexrebatecommission has flaws Sometimes, some systems perform well in one-sided markets, but are disappointing once they encounter a shaky market; while other systems perform the opposite In short, it seems difficult to build a universal system that can cope with all kinds of markets I know this well Last year, after careful observation, statistical calculations and practical tests, I finally developed my own trading system The systems ability to capture the unilateral market is very strong, and its performance over a period of time is very satisfactory At that time, I simply entered the state of "no one believes", only the system, afraid that their own analysis will interfere with The system is the only one that can interfere with the implementation of the systems trading instructions, so they completely give up on the analysis of the market sometimes, they even think: they do not even need to analyze, what is the use of their own? In the financial field, will humans be replaced by computers one day? If one day all the computers in the world use the same set of trading systems, then who will become the loser of this zero-sum game? In short, at that time, I felt that I had worked hard to develop a trading system, but I became a slave to this system until this year, the drawbacks of this system began to appear, the face of the pound in February and April shock market, their own orders according to the system instructions were repeatedly stopped out, almost all of last years profits back so, began to adjust the system, the results backfired, the other day to sum up their trading Records, the most impressive is the pound 6.8-7.24 up more than 1,000 points, and their actual profits are less than one-third of the busy, fearful rather than quiet, what is the reason? Later found that the reason is that the trading system is too sensitive, not able to identify what is the "cheat line", what is the real trend reversal in the early, the market fluctuations are more intense, "cheat line" frequently, but the system believes it is true, repeatedly fooled in addition to In addition to the sentiment of "the organs are too clever, but the life of the Secretary", one can not help but think of the allusion to "dumb as a wooden chicken" Zhuangzi - Dasheng chapter "there is a fable: in ancient times people like the game of cockfighting, a man called Ji Jianzi specially for the king After ten days, the king asked Jiji: Have the chickens been trained yet? After ten days, the king asked him again, and he said that the chicken was not ready, because he was nervous as soon as he saw the shadow of another chicken, which meant that he still had a fighting spirit. The king put the chicken into the cockfighting arena, but when the other chickens saw the chicken, they all turned around before they could fight. As to why the computer can not replace the human brain, when to move, when to be quiet on your own to feel it!
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