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How can Forex investors identify Forex EA scams

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Nowadays, scammers cashback forex prevalent, the previous scams are on what the street, telephone to engage bestforexrebatecompany fraud, best forex rebate company now those means have long gone, most scammers have become more educated, more technical content fxrebatecentral be through the Internet means and other soph rebatesforexbrokerticated technology for fraud, so you can forexrebatecommission prevent the same in the foreign exchange financial industry, we know that the foreign exchange market is a big piece of fat meat, many traders want to enter the financial market to get a piece of the pie. The traders want to enter the financial market to get a piece of the pie so, as long as there are people, where the capital is more dense there will be countless scammers waiting for you There are many foreign exchange investors in the use of foreign exchange automated trading software fooled, and was cheated of a lot of money, but not willing to continue to look for a better and more reliable foreign exchange EA, today we will talk about how to detect the foreign exchange EA scam at present There are many organizations in the market that sell automated software, some even claim that their trading software can achieve a 100 percent readiness rate, think about it is possible? If there is such a high readiness rate, these people simply do not need to sell software, directly put their entire fortune into the market, and then use automated software trading, in less than a year he can become the richest man in the world, such a low level of advertising, but there are still people who are willing to believe, it seems that the market is a false bubble of wealth blinded people do not account for a minority of the market to promote their own investment software can The software writers are set up within the program, when the profit is about ten points to close your position, but the stop loss is set up to be amazingly large, many times the market Simply can not reach, but once the implementation, it will lose everything no matter what technology to do, the level is high or low, but if the purpose of deception, to circle money for the purpose, rather than the real deal, it is really a loss of conscience, inexcusable but many people know that the foreign exchange industry profits are huge, but also know that it is a scam, still jump in, but also pull friends together to their own back most of the financial industry use Most of them use human greed to make some very violent and temporarily profitable foreign exchange EA so that the marketing team packaged into a very good 100% profit effect, deceive those who do not know enough about EA and those greedy friends who want to make quick money for this type of user, they are tried and true, as long as you use their software, feel the front The main features of this type of marketing and packaging team are as follows: 1.High profits, the investment capital doubled in 3 months, or doubled in a year anyway is the use of their EA software sure to make money Double 2. simple deposit, the money to the superior can be, or payment to an overseas account can not guarantee the safety of 3. pull head to earn, pull people in on the multi-level, collision and other bonuses, up to dozens of times the head fee 4. company meeting, every now and then open a thousand people conference, to create a huge packaging strength of the company background 5. watch the account, you can see the account transaction records, indeed, to make money, but do not know is artificial Overseas travel, feel the companys welfare is very good, we have to struggle with the company for life screenshot mode of --- account display in order to EA can be pushed to the market, more and more people will take out a real trading account to customers to see, and customers say you see, this is our own trading account, trading how long how long, has been making money, do not you want to earn, this certainly can not be false, giving people a very real feeling, tragedy, ah, and fake accounts, how so many liars, and still educated liars, how not to fall for, liars are too professional, generally have business experience can resist the wonderful publicity on the leaflet, exaggerated propaganda, and marketing staff elaborate propaganda, but very few people can resist the real live accounts to make money show some fake accounts do more covert, is more Cultured people planning, may be foreign exchange insiders were taken in by scammers first real do transactions, if you earn, continue to do, if the loss of the loss of the order deleted, then is deleted a month ago, so that it is not easy to be found, investors also do not remember what some single a month ago in fact, for this type of whether it is the observation account or not, order screenshots are good, EA backtest net worth chart screenshots or not, if you only Believe in pictures and their propaganda, then you will certainly be fooled, these can only deceive those who just know more about EA novice just like a girl looks very insignificant, after a variety of software synthesis, plus a poster propaganda package, I believe that walking in the street will be able to attract a large number of people So, if you want not to be fooled, want to find their own EA, then you should be interested in Foreign exchange trading programming interested or even slightly understand, have years of manual trading and market judgment ability, have a better mindset, if you can do these I believe that those cultural scammers will not be easy to get then the market is there a really good trading system can let you make profits? The answer is definitely yes, but these automated trading systems you can hardly get, because such trading systems are some big financial institutions spend countless efforts and money to forge the trading system, it is impossible to reveal the fact that the test of a trading system is very simple, just need to execute an order, and then do not set the stop loss and profit and capital management, let him enjoy running naked, if the last can still If you can still make a profit, then this automated system is definitely better