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How is Forex trading different from stocks

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Why do so many people choose Forex fxrebatecentral? If you compare it with stock trading, which one has more advantages? To say that the advantages of rebatesforexbroker forexrebatecomm bestforexrebatecompanysionst forex rebate company trading, the main cashback forex be explained from the following points:    1, people who have done stocks know that the daily trading time of stocks is 4 hours, foreign exchange trading time is longer, five days a week, 24 hours a day can be traded, just from the trading time, are unmatched by stocks and foreign exchange market is mainly affected by the European and American countries The influence of the foreign exchange market is relatively large, the big fluctuations in the foreign exchange market are in the evening around 8 oclock, for Chinese investors, it is a good time to trade    2, foreign exchange trading can be free to do long and short, and stock trading is only to do more with this kind of trading method, this is also a relatively large advantage of foreign exchange trading so in the The foreign exchange market to be profitable by the grasp of the trend, by the form of analysis    3, often heard of speculative stock investors say that a stock was manipulated, it can be seen that stock trading is a transaction that can be artificially controlled, which also led to many retail speculators were cheated, but in the foreign exchange market when there will be no such problems, because, the Foreign exchange trading is a huge amount of money, the current world is not which individuals or institutions have so strong funds to manipulate the foreign exchange market? So for the majority of retail investors who do foreign exchange investment, foreign exchange is a variety of dealer manipulation can be avoided    There are some principles of speculative foreign exchange trading that need your attention: speculators must have a calm mindset, with this mindset to treat each profit, but also with this mindset to treat each loss     nbsp; 
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