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How to become a happy investor

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Previously ra rebatesforexbrokered a very worthy of deep thought, that is, how to cashback forexcome a "happy investor", in this market for so long, I bestforexrebatecompany seen a lot of "big money investors" (of course, lost a lot of money too), but r fxrebatecentrally see "happy investors", of course, for many reasons (if you really want to be unhappy, there are many reasons!) Lets put aside the reasons for unhappiness best forex rebate company talk about how to stay "happy" today! First, always be grateful: the "key" to human happiness is "contentment" and not "insatiable greed"! The poor seek it every day but cannot get it, while the rich are thankful for it every time and have no shortage of it, which means "poor people are lucky! The rich burn incense!" This is the true meaning of this saying! The more people at the bottom of the social ladder complain, the more people who know how to be "grateful" are rich and happy. 2. Positive thinking! Positive words and actions! Thoughts are translated into words and deeds. We often see people in high and po forexrebatecommissionrful positions with "kind eyes", "good mouth", and "bright and open demeanor". This is the truth! Do what you can do, dont try to catch every fluctuation! The reason is very simple, "What you can grasp with both hands is very limited! But with open hands we will have the whole world! There is no one in the world who can catch "every swing" of the trend, we cannot play the role of "God"! Do what you know how to do, and you will be satisfied and happy! 4. "Honma Sokyu" once told us "fast as the wind, slow as the forest, swift as the fire, immovable as the mountain"! Since sometimes we have to be "as still as a mountain"! Why not make good use of this time to take a vacation and get together with your beloved ones? Even if a person earns the world, how can he be happy when he loses his family, friendship and love ......? Five, if we are in the market by virtue of a fluke to get "luck", it is also difficult to be happy, because we can not every time "lucky"! But if we are willing to work hard to verify the market trend, study the market new knowledge and "accumulate strength", naturally it is easy to keep up with the "trend fluctuations", with this ability to live more "sure and happy"! Sixth, when we find that there are more "happy people" around us! This means that we have achieved a certain degree of "success" in the process of "pursuing happiness" because "things are like that"! Our own "happiness" attracts more "happy partners" to join us, and the "happy atmosphere" infects people around us to "share the happiness"! Everyones life has the same ending, inevitably "death", but the process is different, to choose what "process" of life, I believe you must have the best decision! Most of the operating theorems that have been passed down to this day contain the wisdom and lifelong energy of the masters who have gone before us, so I hope we can all treasure them!
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