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How to build your own forex trading system

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best forex rebate company for 5 years, rebatesforexbroker now can control millions of dollars, I have a deep experience:  Some forexrebatecommission in this world think bestforexrebatecompany prices fluctuate up and down around the value, there is a fundamentalist; some people think that the fundamentals ultimately to reflect the cashback forex of the technical side, there is a technical school; some people think that the combination of fundamentals and technical aspects of each other, will be more guidance for the price trend I adhere to the technical side, do a pure technical trader trading system?" href=" "title="cm___villains_in_love_by_gonedreamer-dat680q(1)_copy .jpg "alt="cm___villains_in_love_by_gonedreamer-dat680q(1)_copy.jpg "rel="box "class="fancybox"/>Some people believe that the fxrebatecentral is unpredictable, the next price can go up or down, the ratio is 50% each so appeared in a group of trading systems specializing in position management, regardless of the ups and downs, regardless of species using similar grid trading, etc., constantly adding and subtracting positions Some people believe that 80% of the market is oscillating, as long as the profits in the oscillating market, enough to make up for the losses incurred by the remaining 20% of the trend market they began to constantly establish and improve their basic oscillating market trading system inside with The market may be oscillating in a certain period of time, and in a smaller period of time is the trend began to appear multiple time period trading system to find a long period of oscillating market in a certain piece, in a small period of time to find the top or bottom to support long or short Some people are only willing to do the trend. Feel that only this kind of market can let profits run, and the trend market respects the trend of waves to run, it began to appear wave theory, Fibonacci (golden split) theory, etc. etc. For the reasons, each person identifies with different ideas, to say the least, is a different outlook on life, resulting in a different trading system established by it and the establishment of the trading system whether to make money only need to constantly review and live Verify you will find that most trading systems are able to make money eventually lose money people just do not have enough faith and do not have a consistent outlook on life, values firm people, which more or less constitute the 2, 8 law of this trading market so, trading systems are very simple, ask yourself, what is your belief? As long as you are willing to adhere to her, implement her, do not doubt her, do not leave, mutual progress, mutual growth
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