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How to establish your own trading system and profit model

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    From the perspective of the current fxrebatecentral cashback forex popular among forexrebatecommissionstitutional investors, there are two main models: one best forex rebate company the traditional technical analysis method-based capital management rebatesforexbroker position control model The method is mainly through the changes in different technical indicators to guide traders to make timely position adjustments, but the disadvantage is that technical indicators are often contradictory to each other, thus affecting the The second is based on modern financial risk analysis theory, using a fully quantitative and programmed position control system. The author mainly based on the perspective of small and medium-sized investors to talk about trading systems related issues Why do you want to build their own trading system?    The bestforexrebatecompany often appears these phenomena: many traders are afraid to enter when a wave of the market comes, and when the market is almost over and chase high, and then refuse to leave the market after the end of the market, resulting in being trapped; affected by mood swings, misleading news and often lead to mistakes; there are many technical analysis of the master can regularly predict the price fluctuations of the high and low points, and therefore profit, but the overall trading results are not very In fact, these investors have something in common in their investments, that is, the investor does not know what to do when his predictions are wrong. How much money should be used when a buy signal is given? When should he add to his position or when should he take profit? Also, is the trading method he uses suitable for him? Does he have the ability to control his own trading methods? These questions can be solved with an objective and complete trading system Why do you want to establish your own trading system? There are two main reasons: 1. Self-control Self-control is divided into two aspects: one is the control of human nature When you make a profit of 20% on a transaction, do you expect more profit space; when you are long and the market is bearish, will it affect your later transactions The second is the control of risk In any transaction can be a loss, so at any time can not take too much loss and In fact, most losing traders just the opposite, or do not pay sufficient attention to risk control 2, the characteristics of the market market unpredictability determines that no one can be in a relatively long period of time, accurately judge every market fluctuations a real data is: the top traders on Wall Street in the United States, the success rate of trading in ten years, on average, at about 35% So, for most of the For most investors, do not expect their profit rate to reach how high, and do not expect to use an indicator, a pattern, or a mechanical trading system to achieve great success I once saw a formula priced at $ 240,000, it is said that you can win a hundred battles and thus profit, but this is possible?  Trading system to solve the problem 1, how to deal with errors in judgment? After an error in judgment, the position should be liquidated without mercy, because the trader can easily make a second wrong decision under the influence of the first error. 2. Within what range is the maximum loss controlled? Before each trade, traders should do this in advance and set their own stop-loss level according to their capital size and psychological capacity. 3. At what time to increase or decrease the position? When to take profit or continue to hold? To do this, the requirements for basic skills are relatively high, and traders should also compare their own character and analytical ability, after a long period of trading summary to find the law, make a judgment 4, when the market uncertainty, how to deal with? The charm of the futures market lies in the uncertainty, so traders must strictly enforce the stop loss in the first place. 5. What is the expected profit target? Are you satisfied? The greater the hope, the greater the disappointment. Therefore, for price changes should be positive thinking from the changes in volume, for the support and pressure levels seen should also break their own psychological barriers expected target should not be set too high 6、With the changes in market prices, how to amend their trading plan? Things are always evolving, after the price change you should re-examine your trading varieties and then make a new trading plan How to establish your own trading system?    Many traders feel that it is difficult to establish and use a trading system. In fact, it is difficult to establish a trading system, but simple to say that the trading system for institutional investors requires hundreds of technical parameters to support, but there are also simple and effective trading systems for small and medium-sized investors. An example, investors can establish their own trading system in the real world, and firmly implement the systems buy and sell signals, so as to give full play to its advantages and effectiveness A trading system of the simplest kind, including at least four parts: buy, sell, stop loss, money management Simply put, traders have to judge under what circumstances to buy, how much to buy, and what to do if the market moves in the opposite direction If the market is moving in the same direction, how to deal with it, etc. For buying, the following four principles can be set: 1) to judge the trend, buy in a simple uptrend 2) to judge by moving averages, for example, short term trading in the 5-day average through the 10-day and 30-day averages buy 3) to judge by the support level, near the previous support level can be bought after stabilization 4) to judge by various technical indicators. These four principles are the basic principles of buying transactions, when the market does not appear one of these situations, is not even consider buying In addition, traders also need to establish a system of selling principles For stop-loss, should also have their own principles In fact, the establishment of a reasonable stop-loss principle is quite effective, the core of a prudent self-help strategy is to keep losses In fact, the core of a prudent self-help strategy is not to let the losses continue to expand at any time to preserve capital is the first, making money is the second, so the stop loss is far more important than profit From practical experience, 10% fixed stop loss method, trend stop loss method, average stop loss method, indicator stop loss method, etc. can be more reasonable to set the stop loss level, traders can combine their own operating character and style to combine these methods comprehensive research and judgment, so as to determine a more reasonable stop loss level In addition. The stop loss must be set before entering the market, and the broken stop loss price is a sufficient condition for us to leave the market, and we are not afraid to leave the green hills in, not afraid of mistakes, but afraid to drag, when the price really fell below the stop loss price, should be implemented according to the plan, unconditionally leave the market, and should not be lucky Do a good stop loss principle, even if the judgment error, the resulting loss is relatively small, but not stop loss The result is often a deep hedge, or even a huge loss Finally, about money management This is the most basic and important aspect of the trading system I think that the real rules of investment income is that money management affects attitude, attitude affects analysis, analysis affects decision-making, decision-making affects earnings Money management will directly affect several important aspects of the investor: 1, affect the investors ability to control risk 2. Affects the investors mindset 3. Affects the investors attitude towards the market Issues to be noted in the trading system 1. Suitable is the best In practice, it is simply impossible to have a set of standardized trading system suitable for all traders The process of establishing a trading system is like learning to swim, someone is good at breaststroke, someone long butterfly, but until he tries it in the water, there is no way to determine which stroke is most suitable for him Therefore, the trading system Therefore, after establishing your trading system, you have to check whether the trading method you have established is suitable for you. Do you have the ability to grasp this trading method? Is the system compatible with the speculative goal? Is the system compatible with your personality? In practice, to repeatedly test and constantly repair to establish a suitable trading system 2, trading in the feeling of some traders have a wealth of trading experience, many times on the market changes will have some feeling, these feelings should be built on top of your trading system the author believes that trading in more often than not is to rely on the feeling of 3, learn to wait and short positions when the market in accordance with the traders judgment development When the time, there is no need to do anything, patiently watching on it So, it must be understood: the act of trading is only a momentary thing, more than two hundred trading days a year, the real deal, there may be only a few hours, the rest are long and lonely waiting In trading, to do a good job of preparing before entering the market, grasp the timing, try not to act in haste If there is a relatively significant mistake in the transaction, do not The best way is to clear all the positions and wait. Remember, there is never a shortage of opportunities in the market. 4. Therefore, how to deal with mistakes is another important sign of a traders maturity. The answer to making real long-term and stable profits in the market lies in oneself: one of the secrets of successful trading is to find a trading system that suits ones personality. operation plan
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