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How to make money to make money

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How to make money to make money best forex rebate company very much a brain thing, whether it is on speculation, speculation futures, speculation funds, or the growing team of speculation rebatesforexbroker fxrebatecentral we all know that speculation foreign exchange is the fastest forexrebatecommission most money, while the greatest risk of investment market how to avoid risk, earn full platinum, to become every speculation foreign exchange enthusiasts for the crazy, the bestforexrebatecompany ratio of leverage is quite flexible. Become every speculative foreign exchange enthusiasts for the crazy, diligently seeking the nine yin truths below are some of the secrets of foreign exchange trading:  1, do not cashback forex the leverage ratio indiscriminately  As the margin trading leverage use quite flexible, the ordinary ratio of 50:1 or 100:1, up to 400:1, many investors especially like to use 400:1 such high leverage and in the operation In addition, ignore the balance of account profit and loss, and only care more open positions there are some investors who are new to the foreign exchange market, with high leverage under a heavy position, not a moment to make a lot of profit, but ultimately can not escape the danger of blowout generally think, 100:1 leverage for about 10,000 U.S. dollars account is more appropriate 2, learn to close the position decisively This industry has been doing a long time understand, out of the position than into the position is still difficult As a qualified investor, before each entry, should have a general judgment of the direction of the trend, when the trend in accordance with the expected direction, can be considered with a stop order to go, to ensure that no further losses once there is a strong unilateral trend, with this method, often able to catch the fat thick fish body, but want to eat the whole fish into the mouth, that is the master of investment can not do, that situation can only be said to be luck, gambling, the Not in line with the concept of investment science 3, reasonable and calm use of funds calm use of funds, it is one of the fundamental differences between ordinary foreign exchange investors and excellent foreign exchange traders how to reasonably and calmly use funds have two principles: one, do not use heavy positions, even in the case of profitable positions two, avoid adding positions against the trend, that is, commonly known as adding the dead code