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How to perform fundamental analysis in forex trading

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 F bestforexrebatecompanyex trad best forex rebate companyg rebatesforexbroker essentially very simple, its basically you buy or sell a currency, then sell or buy cashback forex currency, fxrebatecentral then a trade is done However, deciding when to enter and when to exit really gives many traders a headache Generally speaking, there are several ways to make a decision to trade In order to increase the chances of success, it is important to take technical Of course, it would be great if traders were informed of the forexrebatecommission orders Many traders, especially day traders, underestimate the importance of basic analysis Traders need to realize that market changes are driven by many factors Therefore, it is necessary to analyze the market in different ways When I say basic analysis doesnt mean finding actual market values or returns or anything like that, but rather analyzing information about the relevant currency or economy In my opinion, you should develop your own sensitivity to market sentiment Market sentiment divides market participants into two categories: those who are optimistic about a currency and those who are not so optimistic If there are as many people with both attitudes, then prices will not go up or down significantly Down However, if one category of participants outnumbers the other, then prices will fluctuate according to the sentiment of such participants Assuming that fundamental analysis traders become the main body of the foreign exchange market, then their view of the market and the impact on price movements is a reflection of their sentiment The question is, how can we figure out the current sentiment of the market?  It is important to know that every fluctuation in the price of a currency depends on the economy that issued the currency In turn, the change in the strength of the currency reflects the situation in this economy To be well prepared for trading, then you need to understand the economic situation of the corresponding country and its influencing factors To do this, a very good way is to track all the developments that can be gathered by its existing tools  nbsp;To understand the macroeconomic data of the country in question, the political situation and the speeches of representatives of various well-known institutions If we can evaluate each piece of information, determine whether it is positive or negative for a currency, and then aggregate all the data, it will soon be clear that the current market sentiment For example, if we trade on the currency pair GBP/JPY, we should In addition, it is important to track the dynamics of the worlds major economies, which should be at least slightly understood, such as the United States, the European Union and China Trading on basic analysis alone is very challenging, but you do not have to be an expert in every currency, nor do you have to follow all the countries news and economic indicators all the time Even in large financial institutions Even at the large financial institutions, there are traders who specialize in one or a few currencies  it is advisable to trade in only a few currencies and then put all your energy into it, at least in the beginning, once you have mastered basic analysis, you can expand your trading tools. Experience is necessary, and in the long run this experience can be beneficial to you in your future trading decisions
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