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How to speculate in foreign exchange in US dollars

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The U.S. dollar is the official currency of the United States, now the U.S. currency is issued since 1929, the U.S. dollar is the base currency of the foreign exchange market, is also the main currency in foreign exchange transactions, in the international foreign exchange has a very important position in 1792, the U.S. dollar adopted the gold fxrebatecentral silver compound standard system, according to the minting bill promulgated that year, a dollar equivalent to 371.25 grams (24.057 grams) of pure silver or 24.75 grams (1.6038) grams of pure gold January 31, 1934, a dollar gold content was specified as 13.714 grams (or 0.888671 grams) December 18, 1946, the International Monetary Fund officially announced the dollar gold content of 0.88867 grams speculation gold how to make money experts free guidance bank gold silver TD opening guide bank gold silver simulation Trading software collects the gold number desktop line price tool August 15, 1971, the United States President Nixon announced the dollar devaluation and stop the dollar exchange gold, the Bretton Woods system began to collapse, in order to overcome the international financial market chaos, the major capitalist countries repeatedly negotiated, and finally in December 1971 reached the Smithsonian agreement 1792, the dollar in 13 colonies formed a currency In the late 19th century, it has become the most powerful country in the world. These are the history of the dollar speculation foreign exchange necessary to understand, the dollar bill is made of cotton fiber and hemp cotton fiber long so that the paper is not easy to break, good ink absorption, not easy to lose color hemp fiber strong and tough, so that the paper is brace, long circulation without lint, water, oil and some chemical substances have a certain The ability to resist the dollar paper without adding whitening agent, is native white, in the purple light is not reflective speculation in foreign exchange mainly through the U.S. dollar settlement, it is recommended that you choose a platform to find some is regulated platform speculation in foreign exchange, choose a good platform to open an account speculation in foreign exchange do not haphazardly into the field away from the field we are investors, and not brokers, more in and out will only lose more speculation in foreign exchange do not have a priceless investor in mind to have a bit in mind, up and down to The heart has a number of speculation in foreign exchange do not set a stop-loss single, or over the heart of the level of stop loss, still have hope, unwilling to leave the field speculation in foreign exchange do not put the magnification ratio is too large means that do not save $ 300 to do $ 60,000 speculation high winds and waves, when the waves hit, a boat carrying six people, will be easier to sink than one persons boat speculation in foreign exchange should be invested with spare funds, speculation in foreign exchange should know themselves and their opponents. The market is not a good place to buy and sell, but it is a good place to buy and sell, and it is a good place to buy and sell, and it is a good place to buy and sell. However, the investors time, energy and money is limited, it is impossible to grasp all the investment opportunities, which requires investors to have trade-offs, through the priority of various investment opportunities, hot spots, such as the size of the sequential measurement of many aspects, selectively give up small investment opportunities, in order to better grasp the larger investment opportunities in the U.S. dollar speculation foreign exchange speculation in a total of several crises: V The first dollar crisis refers to October 1960 London gold market prices surged to $ 41.5 per ounce, more than 20% of the official price, the dollar depreciated significantly, the dollar as the Bretton Woods system under the reserve currency for the first time showed a crisis of confidence Second dollar speculation foreign exchange, in the Marshall Plan the United States to implement a cheap money policy, a large number of dollars into Europe, while the U.S. balance of payments situation deteriorated, causing the dollar to depreciate Pressure, shaken peoples confidence in the dollar and gold fixed exchange ratio of the dollar, the worlds strongest currency after 2009 tumbling trend, due to the deterioration of the global economic situation continues to show a growing trend, coupled with lingering concerns about the survival of the U.S. banking system, investors have sought to hedge in the dollar dollar speculation in foreign exchange, the dollar is also a hedging tool, surprisingly, the dollar The index is not from CBOT or CME, but from the New York Cotton Exchange (NYCE) New York Cotton Exchange was established in 1870, initially by a group of cotton merchants and intermediaries, is now the oldest commodity exchange in New York, is also the worlds most important cotton futures and options exchange dollar index in the dollar speculative foreign exchange market has a very important role in influencing the dollar speculative foreign exchange has Many factors, including the Federal Reserve Bank of the United States, referred to as the Federal Reserve, the central bank of the United States, completely independent monetary policy to ensure that the economy to obtain the maximum non-inflationary growth Fed main policy indicators include: open market operations, DiscountRate, Federal Funds Rate (FedFundsrate) the highest power of the U.S. Federal Reserve System The Federal Reserve Board (also known as the Board of Governors), the Federal Open Market Committee and the Federal Reserve Banks. The discount rate is the interest rate used to change future payments to their present value, or the interest rate used by a holder to demand cash from a bank on an unmatured note, with the bank deducting the interest first. The discount rate policy is the main monetary policy of Western countries. The central bank regulates the money supply and interest rate by changing the discount rate, thus promoting economic expansion or contraction.
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