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How to understand the changes in fundamental analysis of speculative foreign exchange

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the topic of fundamental analys rebatesforexbroker of the foreign exchange fxrebatecentral, I have cashback forextroduced a lot of knowledge of fundamental analysis, but also indirectly conveyed a message to novice friends, fundamental analysis is dynamic change, can forexrebatecommission be separated from the present empty talk about fundamental analysis, but also can not be overly idealized, excessive pursuit of the expected trend, best forex rebate company not focus on the current situation this issue, I on the changes in fundamental analysis for Novice friends explain how to understand the changes in fundamental analysis a, the bestforexrebatecompany themselves are dynamic, changing philosophy, things are moving and changing development of things inevitably exist themselves change this law, although we do not feel the Earths orbit, but it is constantly running every moment fundamental analysis is also in constant change and the market stock prices are the same in the changing foreign exchange market is determined by The future fundamentals of the decision, and not the current fundamentals of the decision of many people often say: the fundamentals are very positive, why the price is falling? The price has fallen below the cost price how to still fall? The fundamentals are positive, but why the price does not rise? This is the mistake of using static fundamentals to correspond to the dynamic market price investors always think that the fundamentals are how, then the price should be how, there must be this causal relationship between the fundamentals and prices In essence, there is indeed this causal relationship, but the key to the problem is that you must have a comprehensive and timely grasp of the fundamentals on the basis of information, this causal relationship really exists II, the change in fundamentals In fact, it is not that the change in fundamentals can not catch up with the change in prices, but investors understand that the speed of fundamental changes can never catch up with the speed of market price changes market trend changes are certainly due to fundamental changes in the supply and demand of the market itself or the entire economic cycle, the operation of capital is not likely to change the market trend in any one market trend shift When we can know the fundamentals are still in the direction of the original trend, and the market has changed the direction of operation, but investors still see it as an adjustment only three, it is impossible to fully and timely grasp the fundamentals of the situation includes a lot of content, in addition to the supply and demand of commodities, and the country and the global economic situation, policy, politics, military, security and other factors, but also includes the weather, the No one and no institution can fully understand the fundamentals, we can only say who knows more and who knows less, as for timely understanding there is no way to talk about the market there is always a fundamental situation that has an impact on the price and you do not know, so the fundamental information you have will never be comprehensive and incomplete, not timely information is wrong information for traders, because The information you have does not necessarily bring you profits, but the situation you do not understand will often bring you harm market often appear you can not understand the market, which means that the market has appeared new you do not know the changes in the trading market is complex, newcomers how to correctly understand the changes in fundamental analysis is crucial, not a single understanding of the concept and methods of fundamental analysis can cope with us to tell you Methods and laws, you have to practice to figure out yourself, to create your own sharp edge
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