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I designed the foreign exchange systematic trading method

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knowledge, foreign exchange systematic forexrebatecommission method: I, cashback forexstforexrebatecompany best forex rebate company close positions position control: 1) 0.2 hands 1 hand 2 hands according to their degree of certainty and risk; choose a different proportion of open positions; focus on low-risk high-return areas 2) the use of limit orders: when bullish on a direction, but also think there is a greater possibility of pullback; and rebatesforexbroker avoid a long pull when the 3) the core of the trading approach: restrictions make it prudent to open positions II, homeopathic trading: 1) analysis of foreign exchange charts three possible fxrebatecentrals and probabilities; analysis of fine K-line chart; especially from week to week 1 hour K-line chart; grasp the concept of K-line region and cycle 2) in the weekly general trend based on the judgment of the trend of same-day trading; in the trend of uncertainty when not open positions; can grasp a cycle such as 1 -2 hours of the trend when the trend signal is confirmed; trend direction is divided into: ? slope up, ? slope down, ? interval fluctuations, other irregular movements; [Note: the irregular movement that can not be distinguished is also a trend, that is, no trader can distinguish themselves or can grasp the trend] to confirm the trend after cautiously opening positions against the market knowledge,1 2 Next 3) open positions: must be under the stop-loss level and the stop-gain level at the same time; stop-loss level of 20 points; stop-gain level self-determined; note that both must be under the. Which stop-loss level can and can only be raised; [this also means that if you open a position, you must ensure that the reverse fluctuations will not exceed 20 points, otherwise it will trigger the closure of the position]; if the position does not match expectations after opening, it must be closed in a very short period of time, such as within a few minutes cycle based on the 1-minute K-line at a relatively favorable time 4) rather than lose the opportunity; but also to trade the grasp and psychological stability of three, trading cycle & trading interval: 1 ) trading cycle: that is, day trading; can be shorter than a few minutes to 1-2 hours; usually do not advocate 1-2 hours to hold a position; can be in a strong trend when using the average pressure return away from the flat; return to open 2) trading space: if you think there is no space, or no space of about 20 points, do not make a single transaction 3) trading cycle from Weekly to 1 minute line switch; concern especially the trend and details of the long-period performance; especially the case of more than 1 hour cycle Previous 1 2
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