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Introduction to technical analysis of foreign exchange

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Introduction to technical analys bestforexrebatecompany of cashback forex forexrebatecommission I. The mean fxrebatecentralg of technical analysis: foreign exchange, securities investment analysis is mainly divided into basic rebatesforexbroker technical analysis of the so-called technical analysis, refers to the foreign exchange, securities best forex rebate company, the market trend analysis of the market is characterized by the past and present behavior of the market, the application of mathematical and logical methods, summarize some typical behavior, so as to predict the foreign exchange, securities market The market behavior includes the price level, price changes, the volume of transactions accompanied by these changes, and the time elapsed to complete these changes Technical analysis is a widely used analytical tool in the foreign exchange, securities market, is a skill, but also a discipline It can be said that without the help of technical analysis, investors can not be successful in the foreign exchange, securities market As an empirical study of foreign exchange analysis, the reason for its practicality and the existence, development, the key lies in it is our assumptions to predict the future market trends Second, the essence of technical analysis The theoretical basis of technical analysis is based on two reasonable market assumptions: (1) market behavior contains all information; (2) price fluctuations along the trend; (3) history repeats itself 1 foreign exchange market is a clean market But the price fluctuations are also needed to have the power to promote the fluctuations, to make the market fluctuate any information will be reflected in the market, for example, in the market there is a very obvious reversal pattern, then everyone will be based on technical analysis to determine its future investors have entered then the market in the impact of getting investors to enter, and then the market reversal, so that the market Gives the information, then it will bring volatility to the market! Of course also includes the data factors brought in the basic analysis of foreign exchange to influence the trend of the market!  2 in the foreign exchange market, as long as the market determines a trend, then the price will continue to fluctuate according to the trend of the market to go first solve the problem of what is the trend of a certain period of time, the direction of the price run that is the trend according to different traders personality and traders are influenced by the cultural background, they will each choose a different time cycle for trading activities so any trader choose a certain time trading The following technical analysis principles I will also say 3 general market in the emergence of a trend or a pattern, it and the history of the same trend or pattern in the same trend is very probable, said probability then that is, the market in the encounter of the same or similar circumstances in history, the market is likely to be the same trend for example, the market in June last year, there is a M top The market in June last year, so that the market to the top and this year is a rising market, and also appeared a M pattern, we according to this third, bold assumption that the market once again to the top, you can do short, the results of the market really staged last Junes market, we chiseled short to make a lot of money! So history will repeat itself of course not only to predict the top or bottom (most are predicted top and bottom) we can think, see, in the market will often appear in the cross star triangle, etc., will not be the same as the previous market? We have to determine and firmly hold the confidence and determination also includes the basic analysis of the currency interest rate announcement, such as the last British pound interest rate announcement added 25 points, the market rose 150 points, this month and to add interest 25 points will not also rise? And non-farm data, etc. Third, the classification of technical analysis methods in general, technical analysis methods can be divided into the following five categories: K-line class, tangent class, form class, indicator class, wave class 1, K-line class K-line school of research techniques is focused on a number of days K-line combination of the situation, speculation on the foreign exchange market, the contrast between the strength of the long and short sides, and then determine the foreign exchange market, who has the advantage of the long and short sides, K-line chart is to carry out a variety of technical K-line chart is the most important chart for various technical analysis, we will be introduced in detail later alone a day of the K-line pattern there are more than a dozen, a number of days K-line combination types can not be counted, people after continuous summary experience, found - some of the foreign exchange trading has a guiding combination, and, new results are constantly being found, is used next section I want to select a representative K-line and K-line combination to introduce its role of the majority of foreign exchange Investors into the foreign exchange market, technical analysis is often the first contact K-line chart 2, drawing line class Drawing line class is according to certain methods and principles in by foreign exchange price fluctuations in the trend line chart to draw some straight lines, and then according to the situation of these straight lines to speculate on the future trend of foreign exchange prices, these straight lines are called trend lines trend line role is mainly to play the role of support and pressure support line and pressure line of the backward extension position The price trend to play a certain restraint role in general, foreign exchange prices in the process of upward fluctuations from the bottom, a touch of pressure line, or even far from touching the pressure line, will turn down the same, the exchange rate fluctuations from the top downward in the process, in the vicinity of the support line will turn upward In addition, if you touch the tangent line did not turn, but continue up or down, which is called a breakthrough breakthrough, the tangent line still has the actual role, only the name and role of the original support line into a pressure line, the original pressure line into a support line tangent analysis is based mainly on the characteristics of the tangent line tangent line drawing method is the most important, draw good or bad directly affect the results of the forecast Currently, there are many ways to draw the tangent line, mainly trend lines, channel lines, etc., in addition to the golden mean, Ganns line, angle lines, etc. Note: the market breakthrough trend line 3, the morphology class morphology class is based on the price chart in the past period of time to predict the future trend of foreign exchange prices of the trajectory of the morphology of the price is an important part of the market behavior, is the foreign exchange market on a variety of information after the feeling of the specific performance, with the trajectory of the price chart or that the morphology to Speculation of the future of foreign exchange prices is justified from the price trajectory of the form, we can speculate what kind of environment in the foreign exchange market, thus giving us some guidance for future investment The main patterns are M-head, W-bottom, head and shoulders, triangle, rectangle, head and shoulders bottom and more than a dozen of these are the need for investors attentive observation and understanding 4, indicator class Indicator class to consider the market behavior Various aspects, the establishment of a mathematical model, to give mathematical formulas, to get a reflect the inner essence of the foreign exchange market in a certain aspect of the number, the number is called the indicator value indicator value of the specific value and the relationship between the direct reflection of the state of the securities market, to provide guidance for our operational behavior direction indicators reflect the majority of things can not be seen directly from the market statements at present, the foreign exchange market The various technical indicators are countless, for example, relative strength indicators (RSI), stochastic indicators (KD), convergence indicators (DMI), smoothed moving averages (MACD), psychological line (PSY), deviation rate (BIAS) and so on these are very famous technical indicators, in the foreign exchange market application in the longevity and, with the passage of time, the new technical indicators are still emerging 5. The wave theory of the up and down movement of the exchange rate and different periods of continuous rise, fall is seen as the ups and downs of the waves of the waves follow the laws of nature, the price movement of the currency also follows the laws of the waves of ups and downs. The biggest difference between wave theory and other schools of technical analysis is that it can anticipate the bottom and top of the market a long time in advance, while other schools often have to wait until a new trend has been established to see but, wave theory is recognized as a more difficult to master the technical analysis method will be explained slowly later. After practicing, you can only use a certain analysis if you are comfortable using it.