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Is wave theory really useless Maybe you really use the wrong

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best forex rebate company the forexrebatecommission rebatesforexbroker useful? Personally, I th cashback forexk its useful, but there are countless people who say its useless, so why is there such a big difference? I thought different people use wave for different purposes I personally thought that wave theory can only be used as an analytical model of the market direction fxrebatecentral the general range prediction and as a specific basis for entry and exit, then it seems very blunt because wave theory gives a price range of future expectations rather than specific points and say that wave theory is useless is probably the wave theory to 5 minutes an hour or 4 Because the price change in these time intervals is extremely unstable, so there is no wave, just like you point to a wave in the tide of the sea to analyze the size of the waves, the user confused the use of wave theory, and in terms of the correct time frame, wave theory is only to give the price of the expected range, that is, wave theory is used as an analysis and to predict risk. As an analysis and risk prediction use is very good, and as an entry and exit use is very poor here to popularize the basic knowledge of wave theory first: wave theory starts with determining the end of an established trend, that is, to determine the new wave, you must determine the end of the old wave or trend in the chart below to the right of the downtrend line was broken as the end of the previous yen downtrend if you ask me If you ask me why I say that the end of the established downtrend, please carefully study the definition of the trend of Dow Theory, here is bestforexrebatecompany repeated when the trend of 01 broke the previous downtrend, we see the end of the original trend, but can not determine the arrival of a new trend and when the high point of 2 points is broken, we determine the arrival of a new trend and this forms the first wave of wave theory the second wave is a natural retreat on 01 The adjustment of the second wave of wave theory usually has two types of adjustment a simple adjustment 2 for the complex adjustment of the yen is walking the ABC three waves of simple adjustment and when the highest point of the first wave is broken, determine the third wave to start the third wave of the amplitude is usually the first wave between 1.618 and 2.618 we observe the yen to meet this feature then the first wave is known can be roughly inferred from the location of the third wave in this position Do long single partially closed positions waiting for the fourth wave to unfold according to the characteristics of wave theory, if the first wave is a simple adjustment, then the fourth wave is a complex adjustment of the yen 34 sections meet the conditions of complex adjustment and the fourth wave is usually not the highest point of the first wave if the fourth wave is finished, then the position of the fifth wave can be expected to be roughly the same as the third wave want to wait until the third wave of 0.618 between the position so determine the current The yen is at the end of the fifth wave and whether the personnel to go through the fifth wave, then back to the beginning, to see if the fifth wave of the uptrend is not broken under the wave theory in the first wave is the natural rebound of the previous trend, the second fourth for the adjustment wave, the third fifth to promote the wave as to where to enter the field out of the field with the relationship between each wave and the expected data to enter the field out of the field is much simpler do not tell me what the weekly level of entry can not Set a stop loss, wave theory or not much use ah I can only say, huh, huh if you know the wave theory and their position in that one, at least not stupid in the yens third and fifth wave to go short it as you like to swim in the 5 minutes or 1 minute inside it does not matter wave theory can tell you not to go south which for some people even if they can not use its profit is enough This chapter is represented by the Japanese yen as an example of wave development and extension of a brief description of the specific like to go to the book it
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