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K line to determine whether there is a mouse position

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For th best forex rebate company k rebatesforexbrokerd of does not belong to the institution itself, is through a certain relationship to achieve a low fxrebatecentral transaction position, commonly known as: mouse position, investors short term timely follow-up will often have a period of rapid profit space Technical characteristics: 1, the lowest price and the average price of the day (foreign exchange turnover / foreign exchange volume) Compared, when the lowest price is lower than the average price of the day more than 10%, you can confirm the basic forexrebatecommission pattern is established 2, this K-line performance form there are two: one is a long shadow, the other is a significant jump in the opening of the formation of a long positive 3, this K-line background is the currency pair did not encounter a very large substantial short, most of the price trend in the low hovering or mild rise, the instantaneous plunge in the disk without any The K-line pattern of the mouse position generally appears in the currency price is about to pull up, and, in this K-line formation of a period of time, the exchange rate will show a good trend Risk prevention: this K-line pattern of short-term operational risk is objective, in order to prevent the bestforexrebatecompany capital in order to ship and deliberately show the mouse K-line pattern, but also need to take the following research and judgment methods: 1, in order to distinguish whether the main cashback forex has the attempt to ship, you can use the day up as a screening tool to determine whether the main force is eager to pull up after measuring the best when the increase reaches 1.2% or more, which is the main force is eager to pull up the exchange rate 2, in order to identify whether the main force has the space to ship the use of the average system as a judgment tool, the mouse warehouse-shaped K-line pattern The lowest price on the day of establishment should be 7.9% lower than the 5-day moving average price 3, in order to determine whether the main force has the volume of shipments, we must refer to the volume if the volume in the upward process is too large and too fast, we must beware of whether the main force is shipping, if the volume is in a mild state, then the last technical condition of the K-line trend of the mouse position is also established
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