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MACD stock selection practical application

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  fxrebatecentral the stock rebatesforexbroker investment, best forex rebate company indicator as a means of technical analys forexrebatecommission, has been recognized by investors but how to use the MACD indicator, in order to make the best investment returns, is little known technical analysis as a stock market investment analysis tools, there are two major functions first is to find the stock market investment opportunities, the second is to protect the stock market in the In the stock market operations, MACD indicator in the protection of investors interests, far more than its effectiveness in the discovery of investment opportunities, MACD indicator as a means of medium bestforexrebatecompany long-term analysis, it produces cross signals, the short term trading lag MACD indicator belongs to the trend of indicators, it consists of long-term average MACD, short-term average cashback forex, red energy column (long), green energy column (short) Energy column (short), 0 axis (more than short divider) five parts it is the use of short-term average DIF and long-term average MACD crossover as a signal MACD indicators generated by the crossover signal is sluggish, and as the development of the corresponding trading strategy to use the effect is better, the specific use of the following methods: 1. When DIF, MACD two values are located above the 0 axis, indicating that the general trend in the long market, investors Should be held as the main strategy if the DIF from the bottom up and MACD crossover, does not represent a buy signal, and at this time the market trend, is already a short-term high, should be used to sell high and low absorption strategy in general, the second or third day after the crossover signal, there will be a pullback low, at this moment can be bought again, to spread the cost of the purpose if the DIF from the top down cross MACD, indicating that the wave up market has ended, usually after the crossover signal, there is a wave-like rebound, has confirmed the formation of the short-term top, at this time, investors can take the opportunity to close out of the position in the subsequent adjustment, the use of stochastic indicators KDJ, strength indicators KSI and then wait for the opportunity to intervene, amortize the cost of * work if the DIF for the second time from the bottom up and MACD crossover, signaling that a wave will be generated After the crossover signal is generated, investors should hold the shares all the way until the DIF crosses the MACD again from up to down, and then all the stocks will be liquidated, you can carry the money bag home to rest due to changes in the stock market MACD indicators often diverge from the K-line chart, usually called bear divergence both K-line chart to create the second or third high point in the near future. When the DIF and MACD indicators are located below the 0 axis, it means that the current trend is a short market. If the DIF crosses the MACD from up to down, it will produce an adjustment low in general, after which a rebound will be generated, which is a good opportunity for investors to close their positions if the DIF crosses the MACD from down to up, it will produce a recent high, investors should close their positions decisively this signal is generated, generally to rebound The nature of the majority in the short market, each rebound should be considered the best opportunity to ship especially need to pay attention to is that if the DIF second cross MACD from above, foreshadowing the future will have a larger wave of down market generated investors should cross the signal generated, resolutely clear out of the position usually generated by this decline, belongs to the wave theory in the C wave down, is the most damaging wave down Only to avoid the C wave down, can be said to really earn money in the stock market in the short market after the C wave down, occasionally will occur MACD indicators and K-line chart divergence phenomenon, usually known as bullish divergence both K-line chart appears the second or third recent low, MACD indicators and no corresponding low point, but a bottom higher than a bottom of the opposite trend, this phenomenon is generated, When the MACD indicator is used as a separate system, the short term can refer to the DIF trend research if the DIF from the top down through the O axis can be seen as the trend may enter the short market, indicating that the trend will be weak, should cause investors to be alert in the short market, investors bear the Risk is higher than gain if the MACD from the top down the O-axis, confirming the trend into the short market investors should use the exit watch strategy to avoid market risk, so that the profits earned in the bull market is protected if the DIF from the bottom up through the O-axis, can be seen as a potential cloth into the long market foreshadowing the trend will be stronger, the operation should be part of the funds involved if the MACD from the bottom up through the O-axis, confirming the trend The MACD indicator, the red energy column and the green energy column, respectively, represent the strength and weakness of the long and short energy bloom and decline of their response to the market, than the short-term average DIF in time in advance in the MACD indicator, the process of energy release, is a gradual process In the MACD indicator, the process of energy release is a gradual process, usually in the form of gradual amplification in Eastern philosophy, Yang flourishes, then declines. If yin is strong, it is strong. In the use of the energy column, the use of red energy column combined with the K-line chart is derived, when the K-line chart nearly 90 degrees up, coupled with the rapid amplification of the red energy column, indicating the top of the trend has been close. Especially when the two adjacent red energy columns produce a continuous piece, the outbreak of the market will be more rapid. Conversely, in a short market, this phenomenon is also valid. In the process of using MACD indicators, there are two points to note, first, MACD indicators for the study of short-term tops and bottoms, not necessarily credible, only in combination with the medium-term deviation rate and static Qianlong ADR indicators, to determine the second, the use of MACD indicators in the weekly analysis than the daily MACD In short, when using the MACD indicator must determine the properties of the market that the current market is a long market, or short market, according to different market attributes, to take different * work strategy to avoid risk, to protect the purpose of profit specific operations, the MACD golden cross is generally an important time to buy. First of all, the main points of analysis, when the DIF and MACD two lines below the 0 axis and far from the downward turn to go flat, and the fast line DIF through the slow line MACD to form a golden cross is a better short term buying time, but it must be noted that the DIF and MACD from the 0 axis is judged mainly based on historical records as a reference. The golden fork that occurs above the 0 axis cannot be too far from the 0 axis, otherwise its reliability will be greatly reduced. It is more likely that in the red ocean, both red columns are connected into one area, above the 0 axis DIF positive cross MACD to form a golden cross, its line reliability is better. At the same time this is also in line with the strong market opportunities, the weak market is difficult to make money in the stock market reasoning.
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