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Managing your investment fears

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  Industrial Global Fund Li Xiaotian: Investment rebatesforexbroker always accompanied by greed forexrebatecommission fxrebatecentral, but because people react more strongly to loss than ga bestforexrebatecompany, so fear is sometimes more difficult to control than greed Because of this, managing their fears is an important lesson in the best forex rebate company journey investment in the most commonly faced fears are just three: First, the fear of investment losses at the beginning of the investment, many People will relatively underestimate their fear of loss, but once the loss occurs, the psychological pressure will be quickly magnified, and even become a torment, so the fear of investment loss management, it is best to be prepared before the start of the investment of free money investment, control positions, diversification, etc. are ways to manage the fear of loss only in the range of investment they can afford, you can sleep at night Second, the fear of leaving the field If losses have already occurred, then the choice of whether to leave the field is crucial to the fear of leaving the field into two kinds: one is to take profits unwilling to close; the other is because the losses do cashback forex want to leave the field many cases have shown that the fear of the latter is much greater than the former, the psychological account losses and emotional investment often greatly affect the investors choice, so that the more losses, the more difficult to let go of this relying on sunk costs of decision-making behavior in life also has many prototypes, such as in order to afford the movie tickets, rather than waste time to insist on watching the boring movie; in order not to waste the meal, rather than hold up uncomfortable also want to finish the meal…… even including Facebooks famous game Happy Farm, there are articles that tens of millions of users persistently play this game, the same because of the But investing requires calm decisions based on the future value of things, and when losses occur, it is wise to assess whether there are significant changes in the fundamentals and future development of the species you are investing in, to clarify your investment logic and make rational decisions, and to avoid being trapped by sunk costs. Another big test of opportunity investment is that there always seems to be fleeting opportunities in the market, so that investors can not help but lament if they bought or sold at that time now the situation is very different, so that sometimes for fear of missing the opportunity and rashly take a shot to make their own regret investment mistakes, but as investment guru Charlie Munger repeatedly stressed, do not invest in things they do not understand and clear their own ability to circle, earn their own understanding The money, in order to go farther on the investment road investment is an important tool to increase personal wealth and fight inflation, but the road of investment is not smooth, will also encounter various bumps and tribulations, and fear is one of the biggest enemies of the investment journey to avoid fear often does not help, the correct management of investment fear, is the weapon to overcome fear