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A manual cashback forexstforexrebatecompany rebatesforexbroker fxrebatecentral a system forexrebatecommission can be based on a computerized trading system that designs best forex rebate company provides trading decisions for you, but must execute the trades manually You can create your own manual system, or you can purchase it yourself or obtain it for free over the Internet The system you purchase may be in the form of software that needs to be run in person, or it may be in the form of reports sent by an advisor via email or website Since each trade Since each trade needs to be entered by you, you can also choose to reject or accept each trade recommended by the system. It goes without saying that if you are picky and reject these trades, your performance tracker will be different from the hypothetical tracker of the trading system. It may be wise or foolish to second-guess the system, depending on the trading environment and how slow or lagging the trading system is. When a big event occurs that would lead to a complete reversal, for example, when the indicators in a particular system are unable to capture the reversal for the same time period, you may have to wait until the next time period to enter/exit the market and by then you may have lost an important This poses a problem when the system is rewritten, but you need to be sure that you have the knowledge to rise to a valuable standard and that these are just not malicious words to induce you to think wrong. If you are a novice or a relative novice, you should be cautious when rewriting your mechanical system based on fundamental variables - after all, prices have evolved to their current state based on the trading actions of genuine experts who also understand the fundamentals. Some important knowledge is not widely known, such as the positioning of large participants (because we do not have access to accurate information on Forex volumes) but some traders at large banks and brokerage firms do have this knowledge and use it to trade for their own accounts, which can have a large impact on the price of what is What makes you believe you are better than them? Maybe you are better, but if you intend to rewrite your trading system with the knowledge you have, it makes sense to have a high level of confidence in that knowledge. The essence of all trading systems is to determine buy/sell prices and define exit prices, especially stop loss levels and profit targets. Indicator-based buy/sell rules (trading strategies) and pre-defined stop-loss and target criteria (money management strategies) Good manual trading systems have flexible entry and exit rules and can also provide visual interfaces via charts so that traders can better understand the information If you decide to buy someones trading system, proceed with caution Some providers advertise their indicators as "most reliable" or "most profitable"; if you see these terms, leave immediately and look for another system Any indicator may be the best indicator for a certain time period for a certain currency for a certain risk appetite, but a trading system cannot The value of a "universal" manual trading system does not depend on the indicator itself, but rather on whether the combination of indicators brings more gains than losses. This is exactly why you want to look at the systems long-term track record to verify its "robustness", i.e. to make sure it will continue to deliver a decent profit/loss ratio under different market conditions. One or two years is not enough time - you need at least five years of continuous performance data and it does not matter if the trades are actually executed by the system provider, as long as the buy/sell signals are posted early enough to allow a reasonable trader time to execute the trades as signaled and subsequent profits and losses are judged to be in line with the previously posted signals manually. Another factor to consider when judging a manual trading system is the money management rule. It is easy to believe that any equal number of valid indicators will result in a decent entry, but only when leaving the market can profits and losses be calculated. You should be able to easily read the money management rules embedded in the system, and you should be able to verify that what the provider is advertising is exactly what he is offering. For example, the standard way to set stop and target levels is to use them as a function of the Average True Range, and the Average True Range will vary greatly if the stop/target is always some fixed number of pips, then by definition the system does not use the ATR (Average True Range) to set stops. This does not mean that ATR is the only or best way to set stop/target levels, but it does mean that money management rules should be disclosed and verified Stops and targets are the minimum you should expect to get through money management If you get additional strategies such as advice on scaling, outreach or conditional trading, then that is the icing on the cake In short: there are countless notorious system providers and scammers in the market Some system providers Some system providers use the same indicator for months on end and claim that it gives excellent results. There is no doubt that this indicator may not give any results for ten years. If you dont understand signal reversals and after a careful study of the charts you still cant understand why the indicators are reversing, then you should question the provider You should understand the money management principles used and verify that they are not just advertised but actually used and you should read the additional terms For example, some manual trading systems may require a starting capital of $50,000 or This is almost certainly because the leverage and indicators in the system will lead to large retracements and will take many months to recover if you buy a $50,000 system with a starting capital of $2,000, which is very foolish Finally, please note that many expert traders have developed their own trading systems, but they still continue to buy manual trading systems because other systems For example, the traders own system always trades on the pullback (weakening trend) and the external system does so when the pullback is strong enough The trader gets a sell signal, but the other system does not This makes the trader pause and think again about whether to trade against the trend and thus may be protected from unfavorable trades
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