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cashback forexw a thought, harvest a behavior sow a behavior, harvest a habit sow a habit, harvest a result 2009 noon sunsh fxrebatecentrale sent me a book "Elliott masterpiece collection", after reading think stock bestforexrebatecompany rebatesforexbroker has a law to follow, so decided to study th forexrebatecommission business in depth, it has been more than 7 years, when trading in the stock market for about a month, just when the SSE 3478 eve, when the analysis may still have a big drop, so decided to switch to the foreign exchange market can be short, foreign exchange transactions counted nearly 7 years of time, which experienced the sweet best forex rebate company sour, still vivid in my mind, perhaps only experienced people can understand the journey, think about a few turning points is very important, so I hope to put their own learning process recorded, to learn to study the study of trading friends have inspired me I think the main experience so three stages of the first stage, after learning the original classic theory began trading, often with the noon sun exchange trading techniques, until now, this is a good process to improve, because everyones knowledge background is not the same, so it is possible to understand the same method through a different perspective, the methods involved can also complement each other we through the forum or blog on some of the predecessors Recommended theory, buy the "stock market barometer" "Dow Theory" "stock market trend technology" "Elliott masterpiece collection" "Elliott wave theory - the key to market behavior" "Japanese candlestick technique" "securities Hundred blunt operation method" and so on and later bought one after another "Adam Theory" "Delta Theory" "Wall Street forty-five years" "Gann commodity futures tutorial" "trading psychological analysis" and so on, study and research together After deciding to enter the foreign exchange market trading, I did not immediately start trading, after learning for a period of time, by the end of 2009, began to enter the second phase of foreign exchange trading, constantly verify the methods learned, always want to find a way to grasp the market, and later found that short term trading always make profits and losses, long term analysis is more correct rate, so concluded that: short term can not grasp, should go to the long term trading, so that I once denied that someone can be through the foreign exchange market trading. So much so that I once denied the possibility that someone can make a stable profit through short term trading, long term trading success rate is higher, but the profit cycle is longer, due to small capital, and then in order to quickly profit on the idea of heavy positions, wait until a certain amount of capital, and then go in accordance with their own trading rules to trade, often half or even full positions to trade (in foreign exchange, I put as long as once to the stop-loss price on the burst, called full positions). There have been a week or two more than ten times the fluke, but also a week or two after the burst, constantly complaining to themselves, why can not adhere to their own set of rules for opening positions? Why can not analyze the future trend of uncertainty in the case of stop trading? Why did you set a stop loss and change the price? I was caught in this cycle of a sharp and steady rise in the asset curve followed by another sharp rise and then another sharp fall, and at this stage I always wanted to integrate the theories I had learned to construct a method that could accurately analyze the future movement of the market in order to improve the accuracy of my own trading, making myself deep in hope and fear. Psychoanalysis of Trading" good mindset to make it deep into the marrow, but how to deal with early exit in the medium and long term? How to circumvent the profit after the big retraction? The third stage is not well resolved, the crowd to find him a thousand hundred degrees, suddenly look back, that person is in the light in the early autumn of 2014, through the noon sun met Hou, listen to him say Hou three months from $ 78 to do more than 20,000, doubled 300 times, went to his place to look at the printed transaction records, hope to communicate with Hou face to face exchange, in his contact, soon saw the Hou, Hou is straightforward, we quickly put their own trading methods to each other and out, Hous method is short-period to catch the rebound after the fall and the pullback after the rise, we found that this method and the original learned homeopathic completely opposite, it is difficult to integrate together Although we did not integrate Hous method into their own system, but we have been studying the short term trading, an idea into your mind after Not necessarily when a spark will erupt, the transformation of ideas may quantitative change reached, qualitative change in a moment Hou can be successful, lies in the use of a fixed pattern to trade, and is a single, this stage dawned on us, the forecast is a forecast, trading is trading, learning to analyze the forecast is to better perceive the market, and trading is to make money, analysis of the forecast market can learn a variety of methods, all with a different But the transaction can not be completely based on the analysis of the forecast to perform, you need to choose a suitable model, and only this one, according to my own study and research methods, choose a single fixed trading model, even if the analysis and forecast is correct, does not meet this fixed model, but also do not trade, so far, many trading psychology book of the winner needs the mindset, money management, stop-loss orders, how to stop profit The problem is no longer a problem, and now the trading system is also very simple, and do not need to write into the provisions of the transaction to remind themselves
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