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My summary of several foreign exchange trading varieties

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stocks I am still cashback forex bestforexrebatecompanyg, but the position has been very light most of the stockholders may be trapped, d best forex rebate companyappointed, left, I also, however, to my personal experience, as long as the stock fxrebatecentral is still in place, will still start the market, if there is no market, forexrebatecommission to attract stockholders, this market is completely dead, rebatesforexbroker from top to bottom understand that this market can not afford to die, many stockholders money sunk in it, the A large number of companies waiting to circle money, all kinds of securities companies, funds to eat, so this market will still exist, otherwise, the government will not repeatedly rescue the market, the market will repeatedly struggle in the future, there will be a certain opportunity But the market is changing, the risk will become greater and greater, the reason is not mainly because of the economic downturn, the Chinese stock market and the economy is basically not good or bad, or why 2008-2014 economic Big hoo-hah, the stock market bear for 6 years? I think the change in the trend of stock market operation lies in the expansion of the Great Leap Forward: one is the major shareholders to reduce their holdings, which is to pay for the stock reform in 06 two is a large number of new shares issued 08 years ago, although the number of shares is also quite a lot, but not many shares in circulation, hundreds of millions of billions of large-cap stocks, the circulation of the plate is often only tens of millions, then is more money shares less, so every year there is a wave of dinner market, a few years a big wave of the market now the pattern has changed completely. So, after the stock more and more elusive, the policy risk is much greater than the technical risk, in short, still doing stock friends, both do not completely discouraged, the stock market will have certain opportunities, of course, do not hold too much expectation, to use a common saying, that is, and line and caution below to talk about the currency market I do not have a single rich specific examples, I just want to talk about my familiarity with a few specific varieties over the past few years The trend of the view, said bad incomplete, you exchange friends to add and criticism: 1, the dollar: the dollar is the ruler of all currencies, the essence is a share of foreign exchange, up or down is not their own say, is the other currencies say, according to its weight, the controlling shareholder should be the euro, so the dollar trend and the euro is basically the opposite when you do the euro single, if the judgment is unclear, look at the dollar index, can increase your Judgment based on the United States has entered the interest rate channel, the dollar began to strengthen, is indisputable fact, corresponding, the euro long-term weakness, but also inevitable 2, the euro, in all the currency pairs, the euro is equivalent to super stocks, because the euro area is relatively large, involving many countries and all aspects of the interests of the main manipulation is difficult, the information is also more transparent, compared with other currencies, the trend of the atmosphere, but also more regular. Therefore, technical indicators are also more reliable whether it is the trend of the city, or oscillating market, the euro rarely go unilateral (I mean a small level of unilateral), is generally a step three back with points to measure is: in the uptrend, up a few hundred points or so, to fall a hundred or so points, and then up ... and then down, the downtrend is the opposite with time to measure the words, is up 1-2 days, the disk down 1-2 days, and then up and down the same, in a tortuous circling, the process is more simmering, so do the euro has to have patience ------ I say these words mean to tell you, even if the dollar index is strong, who expects the euro with the Australian dollar, Canadian dollar, like a short time on the rise and fall of a thousand points or more, is unlikely, is also undesirable 3, the pound, in all currency pairs, the pound is considered a man, up and down More manly, will not be like the euro mother-in-law, the pound up, often pull a breath a few hundred points, a short break, and then pull a few hundred points, the same down, less than the target, never rest in the main manipulation skills, the pound has 2 characteristics: First, the daily line basically has the upper and lower shadows (low high, will also be deformed), so the discovery of the daily line light ass, always try to empty a short two is often done round the top Arc bottom cheat line -------- that is, when doing a standard arc bottom, often waterfalls, do arc top, will unexpectedly pull back a big sun, 2015, the British pound cheated everyone many times 4, the Australian dollar New Zealand dollar: a pair of also step by step difficult brother if the British pound is considered a man, then the Onion brothers are at best a pair of rash, up a tendon, a step up in place, and then endlessly consolidation, to you have no patience, clatter on a fall, in the Onion, chick up and down more violent, consolidation is also longer, anyway, do this pair of brothers to be careful, set a single very hard Onion generally 400-500 hundred points a wave 5, gold: do gold is extremely risky, so I rarely do gold also because less do, so technically do not know very well, gold to me have two points of experience: one is, gold either not up Once the open up, will rise until the short surrendered, once the open down, to fall to the long position burst, so can not easily plunge to touch the top, do the opposite to bear the pain of stop loss two is, after the cessation of the upward trend, the high level of 2 consecutive 4h negative, nine times out of ten to pull back in the consolidation, once a little chicken and egg thing, gold will take advantage of the above is the general situation, the foreign exchange market situation is ever-changing, can not There is one more point to add, that is, foreign exchange is never a circular bottom, there is no circular top, do not believe that you open any species to see it, so the arc to decide to open a single time, unreliable
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